Run SMART Kids Kicks Off At Fourth School In NYC

Yesterday, Run SMART Kids kicked off at PS 77, Lower Lab School – our fourth school in New York City! We’re working with 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students there.

One of the best parts of the first day was how confident the kids were about how many gym laps they could run without stopping. Some said up to forty which was pretty cool. But a few learned quickly they’ll have to pace themselves a little better if they want to reach their goal by the end of the program.

Preparing For A Race

One more session left in the first ever Run SMART Kids program at The Anderson School in New York City. This week we focused on “how to prepare for a race” to help the kids get ready for their mile fun run next week in Riverside Park. The handout for the day was broken down into three sections:  Before the Race, Day of Race and After the Race.

Our goal throughout the program was to teach the kids the basics about proper pacing, running form, stretching, nutrition, etc. but we also wanted to provide the full experience of what it’s like to train towards a goal and finish a race. They’ve worked hard logging their schoolyard laps each week so now it’s time for all that work to pay off! We’ll be handing out shirts and bib numbers at the fun run next week.