Yoga Backcare Basics Workshop – NYC

Dealing with back pain or discomfort? Check out Mimi Rosetti’s Yoga Backcare Basics Workshop at YogaWorks Eastside studio on Saturday December 11th and 18th from 9-11am. Before the workshop begins everyone receives a 15 – 20 minute personal consultation to go over your history. And after both two-hour sessions everyone receives a personalized sequence to take home!  The cost of this unique format, which is limited to six people for more personalized attention, is $200.

Yoga For Runners Workshop (NYC)

This Thursday, October 21st from 7:30pm-9:00pm at YogaWorks Westside, Mimi Rosetti will be leading a Yoga For Runners Workshop. All proceeds will go towards the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. The suggested donation is $25 for the session. To register, call 212-769-9642. Location: 37 W. 65th St. (between CPW and Columbus Ave), 4th floor, New York, NY.