Transform Your Running With Active Isolated Stretching

At Run SMART it’s no secret we’re huge proponents of active isolated stretching and its ability to help prevent injuries and promote faster recovery. Every client receives an active stretching routine and are encouraged to incorporate it into their running routine as much as possible. Below is a great introductory video on the principles of active stretching versus static from the man who introduced the method to us, Phil Wharton of Wharton Performance.

We strongly recommend getting a rope and the book or DVD to help guide you through all the stretches. It will change your running dramatically over time.

Ask A Coach: What Is Your Opinion On Stretching Before Runs?


I was wondering as accomplished coaches and runners what your opinion is on stretching before you run?  I know that there is a major difference to dynamic and static stretching, but does either in your mind have value, especially to younger runners?