Science on the Run: Breakfast, A Recipe For Performance Success!

UntitledLinking current research to running

By Nikki Reiter

We know that a reduced body mass leads to improved endurance performance (of course, to a certain degree) as it takes less energy to fuel and transport a lighter body. However, athletes must balance their weight loss goals with maintaining strong workouts and race performances.

Science on the Run: To Sit Or Stand, Is That Really The Question?

Sitting at desk

Image by Mike Licht, courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

Linking current research to running

By Nikki Reiter

We have all heard it, sitting is the new smoking, right? Yes, the stats are alarming for how much time we spend in a sedentary state, but is simply standing enough? Before you rush out to buy your standing desk, consider that ‘be less inactive’ may be a more appropriate message than ‘stand more.’