Alex Gardner Betters 5k PR… Again

This past weekend Run SMART client Alex Gardner dropped her 5k PR another 21 seconds!  Her time of 22:17 was good enough to win her age group by over 2 minutes.  In her quest to break 22 minutes Alex has bettered her 5k time by over a minute since last year.  For details on the race and Alex’s training, check out her blog at

Vince Sherry

Run S.M.A.R.T Project Coach

Mike and Vince Race Ragnar Del Sol Relay

On Friday evening I found myself questioning my sanity.  I was driving a 12 passenger van through the desert of northern AZ.  Sitting to my right and behind me were 5 other guys, I’m assuming, in the same state of mind.  We were in the second of two vans from our team, partaking in the Ragnar Del Sol Relay.  The event started as early as 10AM that morning, and consisted of 200 teams of 12 runners each (assuming you could field a full team and weren’t an “ultra” team of 6).  Since we were on paper as one of the faster teams our first van would start at 4PM, the idea being that all teams finish around the same time.  Each runner would complete 3 legs, totaling anywhere from 12 to 21 miles.  The team was made up of various local Flagstaff runners, including two of my teammates from Run Flagstaff (Rob and Jared), and fellow Run SMART Project coach, Mike Smith.

Everett Hill Sets 5k PR

There’s no question that Everett Hill’s favorite distance is the marathon. In fact, this past winter I asked Everett if he would be interested in training for some shorter races this spring… His response was, “Vince, I’m a marathoner.” By the end of the discussion Everett came around to the idea, and the change of pace (and distance) has proven to be fruitful experience.

Everett started with a strong 7K on April 19th and followed it up with a 10K on the 26th. Despite great showings at both events, Everett felt that he had another one in him. He finished the series with a 5K PR this past weekend, running 24:31. Everett has dropped his relatively high mileage in exchange for some shorter speed sessions throughout the spring. The goal remains the marathon and Everett will be uping the mileage late summer.

-Vince Sherry

Everett Hill Runs 24 Minute PR

Everett Hill put forth his another stellar performance since signing on with the Run SMART Project. This past weekend at the PF Chang’s Rock & Roll Marathon Everett rolled his way to a new PR of 4:11:12.

I do believe that it is fair to mention that this marathon was far from Everett’s toughest battle. Only a few years ago Everett was placed on life support after suffering from cardiac arrest. He only started running after having open heart surgery.
Check back for Everett’s story, as we will soon be posting it in his words right here on the news page.
Congratulations on the new PR Everett and may there be many more to come.
-Vince Sherry