Bringing Jack Daniels’ Coaching Expertise To Runners Of All Levels

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Looking to create something that everyone could afford, Rosetti and Sherry got the idea to offer race training plans.   But unlike other training plans available online, The Run S.M.A.R.T. Project plans would be customized for each individual runner, and based on the original schedules and formulas developed by Jack Daniels.

“Jack had filing cabinets at his house full of schedules,” said Sherry.  “He pulled out Jim Ryun’s training schedule from the 1960s and showed it to me.  Every single day.  Every workout.  Every split.”

When To Get New Running Shoes

Question:  Should I get new running shoes for the marathon, and if so – when?

Run SMART Coach Vince Sherry:  This question is a good one (as well as a common one) that marathoners often ask me about one week before the big day. It is most often part of the final pre-marathon panic. In the quest to make sure everything is perfect for race day, runners will look to their shoes at some point. Unfortunately, it’s often when the race is right around the corner, which leads me to my first tip; never purchase running shoes in a pressured state. A rushed decision is not usually a very good one. Try to plan ahead and get your marathon race-day shoes at least two weeks prior to the race. You should be lining up with around 20 to 40 miles on your trainers (less if your wearing racing flats).

If you’re fairly certain that your running shoes have more than 150 miles on them I would recommend getting a fresh pair. It’s not that your current shoes are shot at that point (in fact that’s about half the mileage a modest pair of trainers would give you), they’re just not 100%. The marathon will likely be the toughest event you run all season. You should give your feet as much cushioning as possible on race day. You will likely finish with less wear and tear and recover faster as a result. If you do end up purchasing a new pair a couple of weeks out make sure they are the same model as the shoes you’ve been running in for the current training period. This is not a time to try something new (unless the shoe you’ve been in has been giving you serious trouble).

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The Making of the Run SMART Training Plans

By Vince Sherry

A couple of years ago I was looking through a schedule that Jack had sent me to prepare for the Carlsbad 5k.  The schedule was similar in format to what you would find in his book, Daniels’ Running Formula, but very different in terms of content.  While I was looking at the schedule I wondered if most runners knew how many different schedules Jack had written over the years.  At the time almost every competitive runner in Flagstaff (along with countless visiting athletes) had received a schedule from Jack for one race or another and no two were the same.

Magic Orgil Drops 14 Minutes Off Marathon PR

This past weekend at the Nike Women’s Marathon Magic Orgil set her third personal best since joining The Run SMART Project. Magic dropped 14 minutes off of her marathon best and finished in 3:36:40 (8:16 per mile). Check out her results graph – the best part is she pretty much got faster throughout the entire race!

  • At 5k she was averaging 8:36 per mile
  • At 15k she was averaging 8:22 per mile
  • At 35k she was averaging 8:18 per mile
  • And she finished averaging 8:16 per mile!!!

The picture says it all – she literally breezed through that race. Magic works with Run SMART Coach Vince Sherry.


A few photos from the Run SMART Chicago Post-Marathon Party.

Looking good after 26.2 miles in the heat. Party SMART!

Chicago Marathon Heat Doesn’t Stop Run SMART PRs

The Chicago Marathon has a climate problem. Three out of the last four years the weather has been unseasonably warm but it didn’t stop all Run SMART clients from setting new personal bests. Temperatures were in the 80’s, which made it feel like a hot summer day and unfortunately, many runners weren’t able to reach their potential in such gruesome conditions. Ideally, you want temps 25-30 degrees cooler. On a positive note, Run SMART clients Erin Strout, Bettina Toner and Charlie Hartel still managed to set personal bests.

Everett Hill Sets 10th PR With Run SMART

Run SMART client Everett Hill set his 10th PR since joining The Run SMART Project. His new PR, 50:34, was set this past weekend. Everett’s previous 10k best, 50:51, was two years old. At age 50 he’s still getting faster! His coach, Vince Sherry, noted that it was the “best paced race Everett has ever run.” Interesting, considering their game plan heading into the race was about focusing more on competition versus pace.

Magic Orgil Wins Gobi Desert Half Marathon

Run SMART client Magic Orgil just got back from Mongolia where she was first female and fourth finisher overall in the Gobi Desert Half Marathon. She finished in a very impressive time of 1:51 on a challenging and sandy course as you can imagine. The course cuts through sand dunes, the wide open Mongolian Gobi Desert steppes and the famous excavation dinosaur area next to the “Flaming Cliffs”. Sounds like a lot of fun. Congrats, Magic!

Magic works with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry.

Jamesina Simpson Sets New 10k PR On Dirt At Altitude

Run SMART client Jamesina Simpson finished 5th overall and 2nd female at the 24th ANNUAL CORRIDA de CORRALES 2010 10K Run in 40:52 (full results). It was a huge 10k PR and more impressively, she did it on a dirt course at altitude! After the race, Jamesina told her coach, Vince Sherry, “No one passed me during the entire race and I also picked off a few guys.  Overall, I think it was my smartest race to date.”

Charlie Hartel Makes Huge Breakthrough

This past weekend in Central Park, Run SMART client Charlie Hartel, averaged the fastest pace per mile he’s ever run in a race according to the NYRR’s results database. Charlie ran 26:07 (6:31 per mile, full results) for 4-miles at the Fitness, Mind, Body and Spirit Games, which represents a huge breakthrough in his training. His new 4-mile best indicates his current fitness could be anywhere from 5-8 minutes faster than his current 10k PR time.