Rachel Simon Wins Just Move It! Challenge 5K

Run SMART high school athlete Rachel Simon won the Just Move It! Challenge 5k in Arlington Heights, IL. And by win we mean she won the entire race beating all men, women, boys and girls! Rachel’s official time was 18:50 (6:05 per mile), which ties her personal best in only her second race of the season. [Full Results]

Rachel works with coach Vince Sherry. We wish them a lot of luck as they prepare for the 3200 next month at the Illinois State Championships.

Cath Kemp Sets New 5k PR

Run SMART client Cath Kemp set a new personal best at the Zippy 5k in San Francisco, CA. Cath’s official time was 19:52 (6:24 per mile). Her 5k PR was 20:41 when she signed up for private coaching and started working with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry this past October.

Official results here. Nice works, guys!

Don Strout Takes A Big Chunk Out Of His 5k PR

Run SMART client Don Strout dropped almost 3 minutes off of his 5k PR at the NCR Sprint For Cancer. Don finished 17th overall in 21:19. Full Results. Since signing up for private coaching about nine months ago Don has set six new PRs over distances including the 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon.

Don works with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry.

Tom Klimek Sets 8K PR – Again!

After three years of working with The Run SMART Project Tom Klimek is still making big improvements. This past weekend he finished 25th overall at the Gener8tion 8k in Philadelphia. Tom’s official time was 30:00 (6:02 per mile), 1:15 faster than last year’s performance in the same race, which is also a 52 second PR for the distance and the fastest pace he’s ever averaged in a race! Full Results.

His coach Vince Sherry said afterwards, “It was by far Tom’s best race since joining Run SMART. We dropped the mileage this season and have been focused on speed work.”

Amy Gordon Ready To Roll At Boston Marathon

Run SMART client Amy Gordon set a new half marathon PR under very difficult conditions. With wind gusts up to 20 and 30 mph Amy still managed to drop 1 minute and 20 seconds off of her personal best. Her official time was 1:33:40 (7:08 per mile). To put this performance into perspective, Amy averaged 7:16 per mile at the NYRR Gridiron Classic 4M in early February.

This is a great sign for Amy and her coach Vince Sherry with roughly one month to go until Amy’s goal race, The Boston Marathon.

Cath Kemp Drops Over Two Minutes Off 10K Best

In her second 10K ever, Run SMART client Cath Kemp cut over two minutes off her personal best finishing in 41:53. Her previous best of 44:15 was set last May.

Cath works with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry. Congrats, guys!

Charlie Hartel Sets 6th PR With Run SMART

Run SMART client Charlie Hartel dropped another four minutes and change off his marathon PR. Charlie finished the A1A Marathon in Fort Lauderdale this past weekend in 3:24:11 (7:48 per mile). Full Results.

When Charlie signed up for private coaching his most recent marathon performance was 3:49 and his lifetime best was from 2002 when he ran 3:37. Slowly but surely he and coach Vince Sherry have continued to trim away at his fastest times. Based on our records, we’ve tagged this as his 6th PR with Run SMART. His last was this past October when he shattered his half marathon PR by 13 minutes in Connecticut!

Keep it rolling, Chaz!

Know Your Pace

Just added a new article to our media coverage page. Jack and Vince were both quoted at length in this Runner’s World article about finding your ideal running pace. We’ll be posting a lot about appropriate training paces soon…in fact…we’re planning a whole series on this stuff! This is what we pride ourselves on and Jack’s body of work really focuses on the importance of knowing the purpose of every workout and what your ideal pace should be to achieve optimal results.

Once you’ve established your baseline 5k pace, use it to determine how fast to run your workouts. “Your goal is to create the least possible stress on your body that produces the maximum physiological benefits, not maximum stress to accomplish the same benefits,” says Jack Daniels, Ph.D., head coach with The Run S.M.A.R.T. Project. In other words, don’t run one second faster than necessary.

Read the entire article.

Don Strout Sets Second Straight Marathon PR

Run SMART client Don Strout pictured above with legendary coach Jack Daniels after setting a new PR at the Houston Marathon. Don finished in 3:45, a 12 minute personal best! In his last two marathons he has now shaved 34 minutes off his PR since signing up for private coaching.

Don works with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry. This is their 5th PR since they starting working together last summer.

Don Strout Sets 4th PR With Run SMART

Run SMART client Don Strout set his fourth PR under Run SMART at the 2011 MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Half Marathon. He finished in 1:42:24, just over four minutes faster than his previous best. [Full Results]

Run SMART coach Vince Sherry talked about the most encouraging part of Don’s race, “Don dropped his fastest split (7:28) in the last mile, which was faster than the pace he averaged in his last 10k race.” That’s a great sign! We’re looking forward to seeing more from Don soon.