Alicia Shay Wants To Prepare You For A Race Of A Lifetime

2012 TransRockies RUN3 Champion Alicia Shay is the official coach of the TransRockies Run. Alicia is now offering 18 and 22-week training plans for this year’s RUN3 and RUN6 stage races.

TransRockies events are some of the most organized and scenic races in the world. Preparing for a stage race in the mountains of Colorado is a huge responsibility. The RUN6 covers 120 miles in six days with 20,000 ft. in elevation gain. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Alicia Shay Wins Transrockies Run3

Big congrats to Run SMART coach Alicia Shay after winning the Transrockies Run3 trail stage event. This was Alicia’s first stage event ever. Read the whole report on

Shay was all but unstoppable over the 3 days and managed yet another dominating win, by over 16 minutes, at 3:15:58. She would finish the 3 days and 58.4 miles in a combined time of 8 hours and 26 seconds, almost 47 minutes ahead of 2nd place finisher Gina Lucrezi.

Full results.

Get Psyched! TransRockies Training Starts Soon!

With only 23 weeks left until the TransRockies Run two-time champ Mike Smith is excited for you to begin your training.

Get psyched: Do you know how much fun this is going to be?

Do it right: The challenge is before you: preparing yourself for either TransRockies 3 day or 6 day stage race through the Colorado Rockies this August. The absolute best thing you can do is start thinking about your preparation now, an unrushed training plan is the safest way to progress forward and stay injury free while allowing your body to adapt to your training.

Don’t expect perfection: No matter how good a training plan looks on paper, executing it will not be perfect. There will be tough days, unplanned for interruptions, or times when life gets busy at just the wrong time. This is every TransRockies participant’s reality. Look at a training plan as a best case scenario and know even before your first step that all you can control is your best effort, do not waste a moment of worry on wondering if everything will go as planned: it won’t.

Open your mind: TransRockies is an unconventional race, so the training for it is unconventional too. We’re going to bend some rules and break some laws. Our training is designed specifically for this event: the course, the mileage, the terrain. There will be times when you have to trust the training.

Enjoy the journey: The training to get to TransRockies can be just as fun as TransRockies (and if you haven’t yet been, TransRockies is FUN).  Before your first step look what you’ve already done: you’ve signed up. You’ve committed to exploring your limits. You chose to listen to the voice that said “I think I can do this” instead of the one that said “you’re nuts for trying this.” Now you have a spring and summer ahead of you of exploring new trails, watching your body progress, seeing the goal get closer, realizing it all is possible. You’re going to pull into Buena Vista with a smile on your face knowing that you prepared for what’s ahead, and then TransRockies becomes a week of celebrating all your hard work.

Get your TransRockies Training Plan today and learn some of two-time champ Mike Smith’s tricks of the trade! Sign up by March 10th to start your 22-week schedule on time or by April 6th for an 18-week schedule.

Mike Smith And Jason Wolfe Win TransRockies Run

Big congrats to Run SMART coach Mike Smith and teammate Jason Wolfe for winning the Transrockies Run. The dynamic duo finished almost 22 minutes ahead of second place in 14:57:23.7 after 120 miles of running, nearly 25,000 feet of elevation gain and altitudes of over 12,500 ft.


Erin Strout Finishes 6th At First Transrockies

We’re extremely proud to announce that in her first Transrockies experience, Run SMART client Erin Strout finished 6th overall in a total time of 11:27:51. In the RUN3 distance Erin covered 58.4 miles with 8,600 feet of elevation gain over three stages. For information about the grueling nature of the course check out the course profile here and for our rock star’s results go here.

Erin works with Run SMART coach Mike Smith. Not a bad coach to have when you’re preparing for Transrockies. Mike and teammate Rob Krar won the race back in 2009 and Mike and teammate Jason Wolfe are currently leading after Stage 4 of the overall.

Mike Smith And Teammate Leading Transrockies After Stage 2

Run SMART coach Mike Smith and teammate are leading and client Erin Strout moves up a spot after Stage 2 of the Transrockies Run. Check out the Stage 2 Report:

Vickburg-Twin Lakes Dam
13.4 miles/3200ft climbing

Here’s where our Run SMARTers stand after Stage 2:

  1. Mike Smith and teammate – 1st place, 4:12:30, ahead by 2:34
  2. Erin Strout – 6th place, 6:55:05 total
  3. Brianna Torres and teammate – 3rd place, 5:43:36, :56 behind second place

Full Results

Transrockies Stage 1

The report from Stage 1 of Transrockies is up now.

Buena Vista – Railway Bridge
20.8 Miles, 2500 feet climbing

We’re tracking three members of the Run SMART family this year. Here’s where they’re at after Stage 1:

  1. Run SMART coach Mike Smith and teammate – 1st place, 2:17:42, ahead by 3:55
  2. Run SMART client Erin Strout – 7th place, 3:49:58
  3. Run SMART videographer Brianna Torres and teammate – 2nd place, 3:04:42, 6:05 back from the lead

Full Results

Run SMART Coach Wins TransRockies Run

Mike Smith of the Run SMART Project and teammate Robert Krar victorious after finishing the grueling 6 day race through the Colorado Rockies. Full results here on the TransRockies website.

Run SMART Coach Mike Smith Leading TransRockies Run

Run SMART coach Mike Smith and teammate are leading the TransRockies Run with one stage to go!

The TransRockies Run is a grueling ultramarathon broken down into 150 teams of two covering 118 miles over 6 days in the Rocky Mountains. The course includes a mix of singletrack and forest road with nearly 25,000 feet of elevation gain, reaching altitudes of over 12,500 ft.

Run SMART coach Mike Smith and teammate Robert Krar of Team RunFlagstaff stormed to another stage win, finishing the epic 23.4mile/4407′ climbing stage from Red Cliff to Vail in 3:07:22 to stretch their overall lead to over 22 minutes ahead of Team Nike/Rogue Valley Runners.

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