A Runner’s Best Friend: Not Your Dog But Your Training Log

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By Malindi Elmore

I think that one of the most motivating pieces of equipment a runner can own is a training log. I have been keeping some version of a logbook for at least 20 years and they are all neatly stacked on my bookcase in my office. Sometimes when I need a trip down memory lane I pull them out to reminisce. Thousands of workouts, races, runs, weight sessions and pieces of my heart are stored in the pages of my training logs; often with insightful comments which allow me to re-live the moments long after my memory has faded. If it were not for the editorials alongside my training logbook how would I remember how brutally gut-wrenching and rewarding some of my training sessions and races truly were?

Aside from helping to re-live great workouts and races in excruciating detail, a training log serves a number of purposes for me, and as such is something that I recommend every runner include as part of their “training”.