Be Different In 2018 – Set New Types Of Goals

We always focus on achieving the physiological goals of training to improve a runner’s fitness and race times. This year consider other ways to help achieve better outcomes and your most enjoyable year of running yet.

Below are very achievable goals which can lead towards long term progress. You just gotta commit to trying something new this year. Be different in 2018!

Three Quick Exercises To Increase Your Success On The Trails

By Rob Krar

There are an unlimited number of exercises out there but I believe these three exercises, as simple as they are, are the most beneficial combination (as a whole) to enhance and improve your trail and ultra running skills. Completing these twice a week will compliment your other strength training and running regimens nicely.

Quadriceps Extensions

Why: To prepare the quadriceps for the demands and impact of prolonged and/or steep descents and avoid the dreaded “blown quads” late in a race.