Tim Hodges Wins Age Group, Sets New 10-Mile PR

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Tim Hodges set a new PR at the Run For Life 10-Miler in Topeka, KS. Hodges also won the 25-29 age group in 1:05:42 (6:34 per mile). [Full Results] This is Tim’s second PR following his latest JD Training Plan. Last year while following his first plan he dropped his marathon time by 26 minutes!

A few weeks later Hodges ran the Olathe Marathon in 3:18, almost 20 minutes faster than his time the previous year! [Results]

Tim Hodges Sets New 4-Mile PR

Tim Hodges dropped his marathon time by 26 minutes following his first Jack Daniels Training Plan last year. Since purchasing his second plan he has now set a new 4-mile PR. Tim was kind enough to share his results with us…

Just wanted to share with you that I have a new PR in the 4 mile distance. Overall time was 25:05 and I finished in the top 50 of the St. Patricks Day Run in Kansas City.  My time in the 4 mile improved by 22 seconds from last year.   The training has paid off thanks to your Run SMART program!

Tim Hodges Drops Marathon Time By 26 Minutes!

Tim Hodges purchased an 18-Week Jack Daniels’ Training Plan this past July with a lofty goal of 3:10 for the marathon, considering his PR was 3:37. But when Jack’s training you clearly anything is possible. Tim just dropped us a note that he improved by 26 MINUTES finishing in 3:11:44 at the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, OH. (Full results) He was 74th overall and 17th in his age division.

It’s incredible to see this much improvement in one race at this level of performance. What’s next, Tim? Sub-3 hours?