Run SMART Kids Update #3

We just finished week #8 at The Anderson School on the Upper West Side. We’ve had a busy program thus far.

In week #4 we focused on proper running form, which included a bean bag relay at the end of the session. In Week #5 we focused on heart rate education showing the kids how to count their heart rate and measure it after different types of running efforts. In week #6 we did some classroom work on proper nutrition for runners. In week #7 we focused on our universal theme – proper pacing.

Run SMART Kids Officially Launches At The Anderson School

Run SMART Kids kicked off at The Anderson School on the Upper West Side this week. Run SMART founder, Brian Rosetti and avid runner and Running Shorts contributor, Geoff Decker, will be coaching the kids throughout the 12 week program. The first day was a huge success. The kids got track bags courtesy of New York Running Co. and Run SMART folders which included a goals sheet and running log so they could track their schoolyard laps throughout the week. Some of the goals included