Father Time Can’t Hang With Scott

Scott Mersiowsky and coach Ann Alyanak continue to defy Father Time. This past week at the Richmond Half Marathon Scott ran a lifetime best of 1:19:32 and finished 3rd in the 45-49 age group. [Full results] If you check out Scott’s Athlinks data you have to go back 13 years to 2002 to find his previous best for a half marathon (1:20:11). That’s incredible!

The man turns 50 in January yet he’s still improving after 14 years of competitive running on the local masters circuit. This isn’t a guy who always ran but just started training seriously a few years ago. Scott has been trying to compete at the best of ability for well over a decade now. And he’s not just doing this in longer races, which is conventional wisdom for an older runner. If you look at 2002 he also ran 17:09 for 5k. Just a few weeks ago he ran 17:29 and his 5k time has continued to get faster this year too.

“I Want To Give Props To Ann Alyanak”

Turkey Trot 2013

We’ve kindly been granted permission from longtime client Scott Mersiowsky to share his recent progress with coach Ann Alyanak. Guy is 48 and just ran his fastest half in 8 years! Whut? Here’s Scott in his own words:

I want to give props to Ann Alyanak. Today I ran my 3rd fastest half ever in very cold and 19+mph winds, at the Charleston Half Marathon in South Carolina. I ran 1:22:45 and was first place masters finisher. I just turned 48 on the 15th of this month. This was my fastest half in 8 years! Here are the results: http://crrs.racemine.com/Charlestowne-Road-Race-Services/events/2014/Charleston-Marathon/results


Ann is keeping me healthy and I am getting stronger and faster all the time. Just want to give credit where credit is due. Ann is a fantastic coach and motivator!

Scott Mersiowsky Chipping His Way Back To Old PRs

Run SMART client Scott Mersiowksy finished 2nd in the masters division at the Mary Washington Healthcare YMCA Turkey Trot. His official time was 17:16 (5:33 per mile). Full Results.

Scott’s 5k PR is 16:46 set back in 2004 at age 38 so we’re excited to see him chipping his way back seven years later. When he signed up for private coaching this past spring he had run a few 5k’s in the 17:50’s range. Looks like his Run SMART coach, Rod Koborsi, is treating him to some of that fountain of youth magic our coaches seem to possess.

Scott Mersiowsky Wins Run Against Violence 5k

Run SMART client Scott Mersiowsky ran his fastest 5k in 3 years and finished first overall out of 500 runners at the Baron “Deuce” Braswell II Run Against Violence 5K. His official time was 17:24. (Full results)

At age 45 Scott seems to have found a new wind at his back. He works with Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi.

“I’m Getting Better All The Time”

Run SMART client Scott Mersiowsky signed up for private coaching this past May. He was kind enough to share a testimonial about his experience working with Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi. We’re super excited about his progress!

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying and benefiting from working with Run SMART Coach Rod Koborsi.  After a couple years of injuries, the first from a motorcycle accident and then the next year a stress fracture, I didn’t think that I would ever get back to running well.  After 11 weeks in a boot for the stress fracture, I decided that at age 45 I was going to depend on someone else for my training and try to surpass or at least match my times from my younger years.  Now I have been running and competing since high school so I was a little skeptical as to how much an online coach could really help.