Scot Gray Drops Over Seven Minutes Off 5k PR

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Scot Gray of Atlanta, GA set a new 5k PR last weekend. We asked if we could share his feedback about the race cause we’re as pumped as he is about his progress.

I had my 5K this morning and was targeting 8:20 per mile and my “brutha” you are not going to believe this – I ran this thing in 23:20 or 7:48 per mile pace WINNING 1st place for my age group! It was a smaller race I must say, but who cares, I won! I was hoofing it and am not going to lie, it did push me but I felt strong the whole way through. I can’t believe it, I’m 46 years old and a new runner of about a year and I’ve not gone from a 10 minute mile a year ago for 3 miles, to now 7:48. Your plan has really really pushed me and I just saw the fruits of the labor.