Dr. Jack Daniels’ Sample Treadmill Hill Workout

Hills are a great way to improve your speed/running economy. They serve the same purpose as 200m or 400m Reps but with added resistance. One downside of doing hill repeats outside is all the impact/stress from running easy back down the hill. A great way to avoid this and mix up your training is to try it on a treadmill.

Below is a sample treadmill hill repeat workout that Dr. Daniels loves prescribing for his athletes. Pictured above, you can see Ryan Hall in the middle of a similar workout from Jack!

Jack’s Got A New Athlete

And he’s fast…

“Jack has already played an influential role in my development as a runner as well as hundreds and thousands of others and I am confident he can help me get back to my full potential as a marathon runner,” Hall wrote on his official website.

“With the Olympic Trials just a year and a half away it’s time to start making progress towards my main goal as an athlete, to return to the Olympics and be at my very best there. This is something that has eluded me the last two Olympics but I am hopeful and expectant for the next years ahead with Jack’s guidance.”

Once named “World’s Best Coach” by Runner’s World Magazine, Daniels is has also advised running greats such as Jim Ryun and Joan Benoit Samuelson.

[Full article at ESPN]

Will We Ever See A Sub-2-Hour Marathon?

It’s pretty silly now to think back and imagine those who said it was physically impossible to break 4-minutes in the mile. The world-record has gone from:  John Paul Jones (U.S.), 4:14.4 in 1913 to Hicham El Guerrouj (Morocco), 3:43.13 in 1999.

Now the great barrier and debate of our time is the sub-2-hour marathon (4:34 per mile)! Seems ridiculous, right? According to Jack’s calculator the equivalent performance for the almost untouchable 3:43 mile record in the marathon is 2:03:21. Let’s look at the progression of the world-record in the marathon:  Johnny Hayes (U.S.), 2:55 in 1908 to Patrick Makau (Kenya), 2:03:38 in 2011 (4:43 per mile).