Eliot Liebowitz Sets New PR At Runners Marathon Of Reston

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Eliot Liebowitz broke his 3.5-year-old personal best at the Runners Marathon Of Reston last weekend. Eliot customized his plan to hit 4:09 and he finished in 4:08:47! I guess the Daniels’ Running Formulas work! 😉 [Full results]

Our favorite part of Eliot’s feedback was not the fact that he hit his goal but how he described his recovery after the race. “My legs felt great afterward, with only the slightest tinge of soreness. Even after driving home for 5 hours, I felt fine getting out of the car, which surprised me. This morning, all I feel is a slight soreness in my quads. I have never felt so “normal” after any of my previous 9 marathons.”