Rowan Jones Cracks 2:50 In Chicago

How Fast Can You Run The Chicago Marathon?

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Back in January of 2013, Rowan Jones completed his first custom training plan from Dr. Jack Daniels when he finished the Disney Marathon in 3:12, a 37-minute PR at the time! 3-years later after much hard work and dedication, following several more training plans and setting steady PRs, Rowan has now erased 1-hour off his marathon personal best.

This Was My 5th Marathon And I Have Never Felt So In Control

FullSizeRender (1)The weather report at this year’s Boston Marathon was crappy:  cold, rain and wind. Apparently, no one told Rowan Jones because he went out and set a new PR by 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Not only did he PR in tough conditions he negative split Boston! His official time was 2:54:44.

This was Rowan’s third PR and second sub-3 performance while following one of our custom plans from Dr. Jack Daniels. After the race he said…

This was my 5th marathon and I have never felt so in control. No “wall”. Cruised to the beginning of the Newton Hills and then ran by perceived effort all the way to the top of Heartbreak Hill. Dropped the hammer from there and had enough left to kick to a 6:01/mi for mile 26, 5:39/mi for the final 0.2.

Rowan Jones Drops 3:19 At End Of Ironman

IM Chattanooga Run

Rowan Jones got under his goal time at Ironman Chattanooga this past weekend with the help of a monster 3:19:04 marathon on his last leg in hilly conditions. His marathon time was 1st out of 295 in his age group and 7th fastest amateur time out of almost 2,300 amateur finishers.

Next up for Rowan after a few weeks of downtime is the Boston Marathon. Let’s see how fast he can run without all that swimming and biking beforehand!

Rowan Jones Keeps The Trend Going With Sub-3 Marathon

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Run SMART client Rowan Jones, of Waverly, KY, ran 2:58:25 last month at the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL. He was 28th place overall [Full results].

Coming into the race Rowan and his coach Rod Koborsi were shooting for anything under 3:10 to get a BQ. As his training progressed they knew sub-3 was within reach. Sure enough, they were right… he got his BQ easily along with his first sub-3 performance ever.

This continues quite the trend for Rowan…check out his improvement over his last three marathons:

  • 3:46:12 5/6/2012 (not coached, run/walk method used)
  • 3:12:22 1/12/2013 (Daniels’ custom plan)
  • 2:58:25 12/14/2013 (Daniels’ custom plan with private coaching from Rod)

Rowan Jones Wins Saint Ann 5k

Run SMART client Rowan Jones of Waverly, KY won the Saint Ann 5k last weekend dropping almost 2-minutes off his previous best set back in May of 2012. Rowan started working with Run SMART late last year with a 19:04 5k PR. He then set half marathon and marathon PRs on back to back days in January. Now he’s improving his speed after a victory in his local 5k and a new PR of 17:21* (Rowan swears the course was a little short). We appreciate his modesty but this guy is improving like crazy regardless.

Rowan works with Run SMART coach “Hot” Rod Koborsi.

Rowan Jones Sets Two PRs During Disney Marathon Weekend

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Rowan Jones of Waverly, KY ran the Disney Half Marathon and Disney Marathon on back to back days last weekend. On Saturday Rowan finished the half in 1:28:00, a new PR by 18 minutes! The following day he came back and ran the marathon in 3:12:22, a 37 minute improvement from his previous marathon best. So, the question is, how fast could he have run the marathon in without having run the half the day before?