Ask A Coach: When Should I Double?

Question: Would you recommend doing a second run on days where you have a hard workout or just doing two easy runs on a non-workout day?

Run SMART Coach Rod Koborsi: Running twice a day is helpful in two ways…

  1. It’s great when you are trying to get in miles without building too much fatigue. For example, you will build more fatigue doing a 10-12 mile run than you would breaking it up between two runs. Most experiences that I have with doubling will be for this reason.

Winter Running Tips

Winter Running Tips

By Rod Koborsi

As a Houston native, I never ran indoors, never ran in pants, and wouldn’t dare be seen in tights. Then again, I had never seen more than three inches of snow. As I ventured into the world  and experienced winter training in Washington, DC and Colorado Springs, I realized that my stubborn ways had to change or I would risk injury or illness that could have been easily prevented.

Running Advice Articles From Run SMART Coaches

For the past eight weeks Run SMART coaches have been contributing original content to our blog on all sorts of running-related topics. Our goal is to share a new article from one of our esteemed coaches on a different running topic each week. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the sport from the insightful viewpoints of our elite coaching staff.

So far we’ve posted Learning How To Concentrate and the Three Most Important Tips For Beginners by Mike Smith. Dr. Jack Daniels, via Flotrack and Saucony, shared his thoughts on cross training for runners. Blake Boldon wrote about what he believes to be the Three Fundamental Principles of Running. Vince Sherry covered When to Get New Running Shoes. Brian Rosetti brought us Learning How To Recover Properly.

Tom Klimek Sets 5k PR During 8k Race

Run SMART client Tom Klimek finished the Rothman Institute 8k in 30:52 (6:12 per mile). His coach, Vince Sherry, was excited to report that Tom set a new 5k PR in route! Tom’s 5k PR was 19:30 (6:16 per mile). We’re excited to see how fast Tom can run now in an actual 5k.

In the same race, Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi finished 4th overall in an impressive time of 23:48 (4:47 per mile, results). We’re happy to see Rod back racing this year after a long layoff.

Is A Training Plan Essential?

Is A Training Plan Essential?

By Rod Koborsi

As runners, we ask numerous questions to help us feel better, train harder and run faster. These questions vary from whether minimalist footwear is all the hype to how far should I run be before a marathon. While these questions (and everything in between) may be good ones to ask, they sometimes forget one of the most important questions, “Is a training plan essential?”

Kim McCracken Sets First Run SMART PR

Big congrats to Run SMART Retreater Kim McCracken for setting her first PR since signing up for private coaching! It was actually a first for our newest Run SMART coach, Rod Koborsi, as well. We’re happy to report they’re both off to a great start.

Kim finished the Rye Harbor 10k in 45:13 (7:18 per mile, full results). She beat her previous best for 10k by 80 seconds, which was set last year on the same course!!

Rod Koborsi Joins The Run SMART Project

We are excited to announce that Georgetown University assistant coach, Rod Koborsi, will be offering his private coaching services through The Run SMART Project. Koborsi, heralded as one of the greatest distance runners in Georgetown history, graduated  in 2005 with a degree in finance. He received his masters degree in international affairs in 2008.

As an eight-time All-American at Georgetown, Rod brings vast experience to our staff both as an athlete competing at a professional level and as an assistant coach helping to develop runners at one of the premier Division I track and cross country programs in the nation. Rod’s PR’s for 3k (7:46), 5k (13:26), and half marathon (1:03:53) make him the fastest Run SMART coach to date.