Peter Brinkman Runs 3:06 In First Marathon

Big congrats to Run SMART client Peter Brinkman for running 3:06:52 in his first marathon at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon. Afterwards, his coach Rod Koborsi said, “I knew he could run 3:10-3:12 but he surprised me a little by running 3:06!”

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Now that he’s got a full marathon build-up under his belt we’re looking forward to seeing how fast Peter can run in his next race.

Rod Koborsi’s Favorite Workout

We asked Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi what his favorite workout is and why. Rod has run 13:26 for 5k, 28:30 for 10k and 1:03 for a half marathon.

Rod:  My favorite workout is an 8-10 mile steady state run. It was the bread and butter of my training. A “steady state” run is long, steady running at about 80% of your max. A general measure is about 45 seconds per mile slower than your 5k pace. However, steady states are more about running relaxed/steady versus “forcing” yourself to run a particular goal pace. Not only does it make you stronger physically but steady states also teach you to run “under control” while also maintaining a consistent moderate effort. This is key for any distance runner.

Scott Mersiowsky Chipping His Way Back To Old PRs

Run SMART client Scott Mersiowksy finished 2nd in the masters division at the Mary Washington Healthcare YMCA Turkey Trot. His official time was 17:16 (5:33 per mile). Full Results.

Scott’s 5k PR is 16:46 set back in 2004 at age 38 so we’re excited to see him chipping his way back seven years later. When he signed up for private coaching this past spring he had run a few 5k’s in the 17:50’s range. Looks like his Run SMART coach, Rod Koborsi, is treating him to some of that fountain of youth magic our coaches seem to possess.

Chip Hawkins Finishes Third At Mississippi Coast Marathon

Big congrats to Run SMART client Chip Hawkins for finishing third overall and first in the 40-44 age group in his first marathon ever. Chip ran 3:21:32 at the Mississippi Coast Marathon under very hot and humid conditions with temps in the mid-70’s at the start.

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Chip works with Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi.

Bill Horne Gets Redemption At NYC Marathon

When Run SMART client Bill Horne signed up for private coaching this past summer he sent us an email with the subject:  “NYC Redemption Run.” He was disappointed with his Chicago Marathon performance last year and wanted to make up for it in New York City. He did just that by dropping 29 minutes on a much harder course finishing in 3:38:28 (Official Results).

Bill’s Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi said afterwards, “Bill almost set a new PR at the half marathon mark so I think he could have run a little faster if he paced himself better early on. Still, this was a huge performance for him and he has a lot more to come.”

Chip Hawkins Sets Big Half Marathon PR

Run SMART client Chip Hawkins set a new personal best last weekend at the Athens, GA Half Marathon. Chip finished 38th overall in 1:31:01 (6:57 per mile). Full Results. When Chip signed up for private coaching back in July his fastest time over this distance was 1:38. This is a good sign leading up to his goal race next month at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon! Good luck, Chip!

Chip works with Run SMART coach “Hot” Rod Koborsi.

Caroline Holden Reaches Half Marathon Goal

Congrats to Run SMART client Caroline Holden for reaching her goal of sub-1:40 in a half marathon. Last weekend at the Columbus Half Marathon Caroline set a new PR finishing in 1:38:09. It was only her second try at 13.1 miles so we’re excited to see how fast she can go from here. Next up, the Boston Marathon in April!

Caroline works with Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi.

Scott Mersiowsky Wins Run Against Violence 5k

Run SMART client Scott Mersiowsky ran his fastest 5k in 3 years and finished first overall out of 500 runners at the Baron “Deuce” Braswell II Run Against Violence 5K. His official time was 17:24. (Full results)

At age 45 Scott seems to have found a new wind at his back. He works with Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi.

“I’m Getting Better All The Time”

Run SMART client Scott Mersiowsky signed up for private coaching this past May. He was kind enough to share a testimonial about his experience working with Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi. We’re super excited about his progress!

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying and benefiting from working with Run SMART Coach Rod Koborsi.  After a couple years of injuries, the first from a motorcycle accident and then the next year a stress fracture, I didn’t think that I would ever get back to running well.  After 11 weeks in a boot for the stress fracture, I decided that at age 45 I was going to depend on someone else for my training and try to surpass or at least match my times from my younger years.  Now I have been running and competing since high school so I was a little skeptical as to how much an online coach could really help.

Feeling The Impulse To Race

By Rod Koborsi

There are times in everyone’s running life where you feel the need to jump in a race that you are not quite prepared for. We would all love to be 100% prepared for every race but, as most can attest, life sometimes gets in the way. For some it’s the decision to sign up for next month’s marathon because you feel the need to accomplish something right away. Others might be fighting an injury and after time off want to suddenly jump in a race. And many of you up north may have had to deter training plans because a snow storm. No matter the circumstance, there are a few tips that every runner should keep in mind when feeling the impulse to race.