Manuel Goes 2:48:37 In His First Marathon

Manuel Rodriguez of Bogotá, Colombia completed his first marathon at D.C. Rock ‘n’ Roll. He and his coach, Rod Koborsi, decided to put the brakes on his first attempt in NYC last year after a minor injury crept up. The decision to avoid a setback and reschedule for D.C. was a great move. Manuel’s official result was 2:48:37 [Full Results].

“Didn’t Expect To Set New 5k, 10k And Half Marathon Records In Same Race”

Incredible progress from Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi and client. Lee recently set a new PR at the Royal Parks Half Marathon in Hyde Park. Afterwards he thanked his coach:

I finished the Royal Parks Half Marathon today in 1:44:52 and that wouldn’t have been possible without the work you’ve been doing with me. Thank you. I didn’t expected to set new 5k, 10k and Half Marathon records in the same race – but your training has obviously paid off! I’m very pleased.

Shea Weilbaker Top Frosh In NY State

Shea Weilbaker set a new PR in the 3200m at the Eddy Games this past weekend. The freshman from Rensselaer HS finished in a very impressive 9:38.68, which now places him as the top freshman in all of New York state.

Shea is now one of 20 qualifiers for the New Balance Outdoor Nationals in the Freshman 3200m. The race is next month in Greensboro, NC. Congrats to Shea and Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi on a great season. We’re excited to see more progress over the next few years.

Ty Masco Wins Nebraska State Title


This past weekend we had two Run SMART high school clients take home state titles. Yesterday we posted about Annie Hill winning her class title in Montana. This past week Ty Masco, of Milford, NE, won his class race in 16:43, leading his team to its second straight state championship. Ty was over 20 second ahead of the second place finisher. [Full results]

Ty worked closely with Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi on his training last spring and over the summer. He’s only a junior so we’re excited to see his progress over the next year and a half.

Rowan Jones Keeps The Trend Going With Sub-3 Marathon

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Run SMART client Rowan Jones, of Waverly, KY, ran 2:58:25 last month at the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL. He was 28th place overall [Full results].

Coming into the race Rowan and his coach Rod Koborsi were shooting for anything under 3:10 to get a BQ. As his training progressed they knew sub-3 was within reach. Sure enough, they were right… he got his BQ easily along with his first sub-3 performance ever.

This continues quite the trend for Rowan…check out his improvement over his last three marathons:

  • 3:46:12 5/6/2012 (not coached, run/walk method used)
  • 3:12:22 1/12/2013 (Daniels’ custom plan)
  • 2:58:25 12/14/2013 (Daniels’ custom plan with private coaching from Rod)

Rowan Jones Wins Saint Ann 5k

Run SMART client Rowan Jones of Waverly, KY won the Saint Ann 5k last weekend dropping almost 2-minutes off his previous best set back in May of 2012. Rowan started working with Run SMART late last year with a 19:04 5k PR. He then set half marathon and marathon PRs on back to back days in January. Now he’s improving his speed after a victory in his local 5k and a new PR of 17:21* (Rowan swears the course was a little short). We appreciate his modesty but this guy is improving like crazy regardless.

Rowan works with Run SMART coach “Hot” Rod Koborsi.

Caroline Holden Runs Negative Splits In Chicago

Run SMART client Caroline Holden of Columbus, Ohio set a new marathon PR in Chicago this past weekend. Her official time was 3:23:38, six minutes faster than her previous best and almost 14 minutes faster than her lifetime best when she started working with coach Rod Koborsi.

Best part of Caroline’s race was her pacing. She started out at 8:03 pace per mile for the first 5k and finished the race averaging 7:46 pace. Her last few miles were sub-7:30’s. Look at those splits! She did a progression run in the marathon! [Full results]

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 1.31.05 PM

Justin Davies Runs Sub-3 At St George Marathon

We’re racking up a lot of sub-3 hour performances this fall! These are big jumps too, runners who have not been at this level before. Latest…

Run SMART client Justin Davies of Sandy, UT set a 16-minute PR and broke 3-hours for the first time in St. George last weekend. Justin’s official time was 2:57:07. [Official Results]

Justin works with Run SMART client “Hot” Rod Koborsi.

Third Time’s A Charm

Run SMART client Chad Campbell cracked the 4-hour barrier this past weekend at the Richmond Marathon. When Chad signed up for private coaching this past spring his marathon PR was 4:07 set last May. Since then he had unsuccessfully tried to break 4-hours two times. This past weekend in Richmond Chad got his sub-4 and brand new PR by 10-minutes. [Full results]

After the race Chad thanked his coach Rod Koborsi, “He gave me great instruction and pre race preparation. I can also say the advice he gave me helped me get a negative split as well as a strong last 6.2. Thanks to you guys at Run SMART and especially to Rod for his expert instruction. By the way, it didn’t hurt my confidence when I was looking through the marathon guide just to see that he was one of the previous 8K winners at that race weekend a few years back.”

Heidi Peoples Shares Her Favorite Marathon Workout

Last week we asked Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi what his favorite workout was. This week Heidi Peoples shares her favorite. Both coaches keep it simple and seem to favor something of a steady state run because it helps boost their confidence before a race.

Heidi: During the winter (coldness and darkness) it was difficult if not impossible to get on a track in the early morning when I run. Therefore, my favorite workout involved a reliable partner – my treadmill!  The goal of the workout is to run 10 miles slightly under my marathon race pace. To prepare for it I make sure I am well hydrated the night before and try to get a decent amount of sleep. Then, I head to the basement and create a relaxed setting – dim lights, turn the TV to my favorite station (VH1 actually has videos on in the AM!) and start out running relaxed, gradually increasing the pace until I reach 10 miles.