Rowan Jones Keeps The Trend Going With Sub-3 Marathon

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Run SMART client Rowan Jones, of Waverly, KY, ran 2:58:25 last month at the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL. He was 28th place overall [Full results].

Coming into the race Rowan and his coach Rod Koborsi were shooting for anything under 3:10 to get a BQ. As his training progressed they knew sub-3 was within reach. Sure enough, they were right… he got his BQ easily along with his first sub-3 performance ever.

This continues quite the trend for Rowan…check out his improvement over his last three marathons:

  • 3:46:12 5/6/2012 (not coached, run/walk method used)
  • 3:12:22 1/12/2013 (Daniels’ custom plan)
  • 2:58:25 12/14/2013 (Daniels’ custom plan with private coaching from Rod)

Melanie Yappen Sets PR At Rocket City Marathon

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Melanie Yappen set a new PR at the Rocket City Marathon this past weekend. Melanie’s PR when she customized her plan was 3:50. She dropped 13 minutes off her best finishing in 3:37:12. [Full results]