DeLong Sets Third Half Marathon PR In Four Months

Back in January we wrote that Run SMART client Rob DeLong sets a PR every time he steps foot in a race. Clearly, he didn’t feel pressured because this weekend he lowered his half marathon time for the third time in four months and set a new 10k PR in route!

On a pretty rolling course at the D.C. Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon Delong finished in 1:44:16 (7:58 per mile). [Full results] This was the first time he ever cracked 8:00 per mile in a half. One year ago his half marathon PR was 1:57:30. This steady progress has him on track to reach his goal in Boston next month.

DeLong works with Run SMART coach Brian Rosetti.

Rob DeLong Sets New PR Every Time He Races

Run SMART client Rob Delong lowered his half marathon PR for the second time in two months at the Disney Half this past weekend. Delong finished in 1:46:03, a new PR by three minutes and 12 seconds. [Full results] He also managed to set a new 10k PR by 30 seconds in route! Delong has now PR’d in just about every race he’s run since he signed up for coaching back in February of 2012.

“The plan was to average 8:07 pace (1:46:23) so we’re super excited things went according to plan. Anytime you pick up two PRs in one race you’ve got to feel pretty good about your training. Rob is right on track to reach his goal at Boston in April,” said his coach Brian Rosetti.

Rob DeLong Sets New 15k PR

Run SMART client Rob DeLong has now been officially running road races for over a year. The 35-year-old from New York City ran the same race twice for the first time at the NYRR Ted Corbitt Classic 15k in Central Park this weekend. Last year he ran 1:30:27 (9:42 per mile) and we’re excited to post that he ran 1:13:52 (7:55 per mile) this year with his fastest mile coming at the end – 7:20! [Full results]

“Rob has gotten here through slow and steady progress, he never misses a day of training” said Run SMART coach Brian Rosetti. “Besides the 5th Ave Mile he had only averaged sub-8 in a 5k and 4 mile. This is hugely significant and he’s just in week 2 of his Boston Marathon preparation so I expect to see him get a lot faster soon.”

New PRs At Brooklyn Half Marathon

Run SMART clients Charlie Hartel and Rob DeLong set new PRs at the Brooklyn Half Marathon yesterday morning.

Hartel cruised to a new 4-minute PR marking the first time he’s ever dipped under 1:30. His official time was 1:29:13 (6:49 per mile). [Charlie’s Results] When Charlie signed up for coaching about 2.5 years ago his PR for a half was 1:44. In his best 10k at that point he averaged 7:36 per mile to give you an idea of what a huge transformation he’s made while working with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry.

This was Rob DeLong’s second half marathon ever. He finished in 1:50:43 just reaching his goal of 1:50:59 which gets him into one of the seeded corrals at the Chicago Marathon later this fall. [Rob’s Results] This was just over a six minute PR for Rob in less than two months since his last half and his 6th personal best since signing up for coaching in February. Rob works with Run SMART coach Brian Rosetti.

Rob DeLong Sets 5th PR

Run SMART client Rob DeLong set his 5th PR since signing up for coaching roughly 11 weeks ago. At the JFK Rotary Club “5k Runway Run” DeLong finished in 23:37, over two minutes faster than his previous best!

“The plan was for Rob to negative split the race in 7:45, 7:40 and then shoot for a 7:35 last mile which was uncharted territory for him,” said his coach Brian Rosetti. “His actual splits were 7:46, 7:36 and then 7:18. His last mile was the fastest he’s ever run by far!”

Rob DeLong Sets New 10K PR

Run SMART client Rob DeLong set his second PR in just a week at The Race At Roosevelt Island 10k. His official time was 51:47, almost seven minutes faster than his previous best when he signed up for private coaching two months ago. Full results at NYCRUNS.

Big congrats to Rob and his coach Brian Rosetti.

Rob DeLong Improving Quickly

When Rob DeLong signed up for private coaching six weeks ago his short term goal was to finish his first half marathon in 2:05. As a newbie runner the longest Rob had ever run in one run before getting started with Run SMART was 15k or 9.3 miles. We’re happy to report that Rob smashed his goal time by almost 10 minutes at the NYRR’s NYC Half Marathon last weekend.

His official time was 1:56:59 (8:56 per mile). Full Results. Rob’s Run SMART coach Brian Rosetti noted afterwards, “The game plan was to run conservative early and break the race up into three parts slowly getting faster as the race went on. He really nailed the pacing and now he’s feeling great and ready to focus on getting faster.” Rob’s 10k split was 56:44 (9:07 per mile) so he came home a lot faster over the second half of the race! And we should note that in his last 10k earlier this year he ran 58:05, so even while going out conservatively he still managed to set a new 10k PR during the race!

Run SMART Results – Al Gordon Classic

Run SMART clients Rob Delong and KC Cohen both made great progress at the Al Gordon Classic 4M this past weekend in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Delong set a new personal best by 1 minute, 11 seconds finishing in 33:22 (8:21 per mile). “Rob keeps making progress every week. He’s new to the sport so it’s gonna be fun to see how fast he can go,” said his coach Brian Rosetti.

KC Cohen also had a great day as she climbs her way back from major ankle surgery. She finished in 28:45 (7:11 per mile), which marks the fastest she’s run for four miles since 2006. It was also the fastest pace she’s held in any race since 2008. “KC is now close to full strength since recovering and building back slowly from her ankle surgery but she’s already back to when she was running her fastest times about 6 years ago. I think she will end up running faster than ever has this Spring and Fall,” said her coach Brian Rosetti.