Patrick George PRs At Richmond Marathon With 2:49:58

Last month Patrick George dropped over 10-minutes off his previous best (3:00:17) at the Richmond Marathon. His official time of 2:49:58 earned him a BQ and 42nd place overall. [Full Results]

Patrick shares how reading Daniels’ Running Formula has transformed his running…

Third Time’s A Charm

Run SMART client Chad Campbell cracked the 4-hour barrier this past weekend at the Richmond Marathon. When Chad signed up for private coaching this past spring his marathon PR was 4:07 set last May. Since then he had unsuccessfully tried to break 4-hours two times. This past weekend in Richmond Chad got his sub-4 and brand new PR by 10-minutes. [Full results]

After the race Chad thanked his coach Rod Koborsi, “He gave me great instruction and pre race preparation. I can also say the advice he gave me helped me get a negative split as well as a strong last 6.2. Thanks to you guys at Run SMART and especially to Rod for his expert instruction. By the way, it didn’t hurt my confidence when I was looking through the marathon guide just to see that he was one of the previous 8K winners at that race weekend a few years back.”

Another Boston Qualifier

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Janet Williams ran the Richmond Marathon this past weekend. Her goal when she signed up was 3:45, two minutes faster than her best set last year in Chicago. After the race she shared her results,

“I took 5 minutes off of my last marathon in Chicago (3:47:55) and have a new PR. I finished in 3:42:29 so another Boston qualifier for me!”

Congrats, Janet!