“Felt Good To Feel That Way So Late In The Race”

George Leary of Keyport, NJ set a new PR at the Philly Marathon finishing in 3:34:39 [Full results]. After the race he gave us his recap and a kind testimonial…

The 15-week plan worked great. From mile 20 on I was passing runners and it felt good to feel that way so late in the race. I would not have been able to cut 12-minutes off of my time without following your plan! Thank you again for an excellent program. – George

When To Start Training For Your 2015 Fall Marathon

IMG_0593The following are the most popular fall marathons we customize training plans for and when our 18 and 15-week schedules start for this year’s race.

We recommend 18-weeks of training if you’ve been running fairly consistently but are not in great race shape when starting the plan. 15-weeks is better if you’re in good racing shape and you’ve already been doing some quality workouts. Sometimes the longer the training plan the more risk of overtraining.

James McKirdy Drops A 2:38 In His First Marathon

Run SMART client James McKirdy of New Britain, CT finished his first marathon last weekend in Philadelphia in a time of 2:38:56. [Race results] He was 48th overall, capping off an amazing season with his coach Alvina Begay. As James noted earlier this year he has seen his ability skyrocket since he started working with Alvina.

Emily Fried Sets New PR At Philly Marathon


Run SMART client Emily Fried of New York, NY set a new PR at the Philadelphia Marathon this past weekend – her second PR in just six weeks! Her official time of 4:05:04 was almost 13 minutes faster than her previous lifetime best set last fall.

Emily works with Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples.


Alessandro Arrone Sets 26-Minute PR At Philly Marathon

Run SMART client Alessandro Arrone signed up for private coaching this summer with a lofty goal of running 3:40 at the Philadelphia Marathon. His PR when he started working with Run SMART coach Ann Alyanak was 4:06.

We’re excited to post that Alessandro hit his goal on the dot setting a 26-minute PR. His official time was 3:40:38. [Full results]

Maria Lauretani Runs 2:52 At Philly Marathon

Run SMART client Maria Lauretani (middle) set a new PR at the Philadelphia Marathon this past weekend. The 38-year old from Pelham, NY ran 2:52:56 to finish first in her age group and 18th overall. [Full results] In only her fourth year of running Maria continues to make great progress. Her PR when she signed up for coaching last December was 2:59:54.

Scheduled to run NYC earlier this month she was able to make a quick adjustment with her Run SMART coach Ann Alyanak. Staying mentally and physically prepared to run her best three weeks later is not an easy task for everyone who knows the difficulty of navigating the right taper and timing your peak just right for a marathon.

Run SMART Featured In Philly Mag

Monday, July 16th is the first day of training on our 18-week marathon training plans if you’re customizing a plan for the Philadelphia Marathon. Philly Magazine’s Courtenay Devlin just signed up for her very own Jack Daniels Training Plan. She interviewed Run SMART Founder Brian Rosetti and writes about the whole process. Check it out…

Using Daniels’ running formulas, the coaches are able to calculate the appropriate training paces to the second for various workouts necessary to keep clients on track to reach their goal. This means no burning out. Avoiding over-training is the key to success in a five-month training block.

The training schedule, according to Rosetti, is the equivalent of a private coach handwriting an individualized plan at half the price.

My thoughts on the cost: Once I opened up the e-mail with my plan, I could see it was legit. The program is not priced much higher than the generic plans Active.com and others offer, and the customization is worth the extra dough.

Read full article.

Important Fall Marathon Training Dates

Running a fall marathon? The absolute best thing you can do is start thinking about your preparation now. An unrushed training plan is the safest way to progress forward and stay injury free while allowing your body to adapt to your training. Make sure to follow a personalized training plan that factors in your age, goal time, time commitment, fitness and experience levels.

Below are the dates of some of the most popular fall marathons and the first day of training for each on our 15-week and 18-week training plans.