Beware NSAIDS When Treating Overuse Injuries

Dr. Marc Bochner of Bochner Chiropractor and Sports Injury Care in New York has written many smart articles on injury prevention/treatment so we’re going to share some of our favorites over the next few months. He helped us put together a very effective and appropriate strength and stability routine for runners that goes out to all of our private clients so we have a lot of trust in him on these issues.

First up, Beware The Hazards Of NSAIDS.

Pain should be considered a warning sign, whose cause is to be investigated. Covering up your symptom of pain with medication can lead to more serious injury. New research has revealed that many overuse injuries aren’t even inflammatory in nature! Many tendon injuries have been found to involve degeneration of the collagen material making up the tendon, with no inflammatory cells present on biopsy. This is called tendinosis, not tendinitis, and will not be helped by trying to limit inflammation. In fact, Advil and the rest of the over-the-counter drugs may even delay healing of connective tissue and muscle, even though you may feel less pain.

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