Louis Glaser Runs Negative Split In New York

Louis Glaser of Chicago, IL, following his training plan for a second time after setting a PR this past spring in Boston, set another personal best in NYC. Louis ran 2:56:44 on a very challenging day with the wind finishing 17th overall and 2nd US male in his age group (50-54). [Results] There were 16 other dudes over 50 who ran faster than that?!? Wow.

Check out Louis’ pace per 5k. Who negative splits New York? Not many.

Kilos Time Pace
5k 0:21:22     0:06:52
10k 0:42:15 0:06:48
15k 1:03:19 0:06:48
20k 1:24:17 0:06:47
half 1:28:48 0:06:46
25k 1:45:14 0:06:46
30k 2:06:05 0:06:46
35k 2:27:13 0:06:46
40k 2:47:46 0:06:45
finish 2:56:44 0:06:44

Amy Gordon Unfazed By Wind In New York

Congrats to our good friend/client Amy Gordon of New York, NY for finishing 77th female overall this past weekend at the NYC Marathon. Amy ran a new personal best of 3:07:47 on a not so fast course on a not so fast windy day. [Results] This was over 9 minutes faster than her previous best set almost three years ago.

Amy works with Run SMART hunk Vince Sherry.

Running Under The Influence In New York


We’re very excited to announce an exclusive fall marathon training partnership with the New York Flyers, the largest running club in NYC. Each member of the program will get to customize an 18-week training plan, designed by legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels, through our brand new training application (launching soon).

The World’s Best Running Coach Wants To Pump You Up

Join Run SMART and Finish Line Physical Therapy the day before the New York City Marathon for a special marathon pep talk with legendary coach Jack Daniels. Jack will share his last-minute tips, motivation and then take questions from the audience. All runners in town, regardless of whether you’re racing the marathon this year, are welcome to attend and meet Jack.

A limited edition, “Running Under the Influence of Jack Daniels” tech tee (featuring pic above) will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

When: Saturday, November 3rd at 1:00 p.m.
Where: Finish Line Physical Therapy In Manhattan (119 W. 23rd Street #304, b/w 6th & 7th Ave)
Cost: Free! Light snacks will be provided.

Spots are filling up fast. REGISTER NOW!

Aaron Kravitz Goes 2-For-2

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Aaron Kravitz is now getting ready to start his third training plan in about a year. Why not? When you set new personal bests while following the first two you bought you go for the ‘turkey’!

Last year Aaron signed up with a goal to break 4-hours at the New York City Marathon. He ended up running 3:47! Recently, at the San Francisco Half he set a new PR clocking in at 1:45. Although his PR was 1:47, his goal time was to break 2-hours because of all the hills. On a flat course that could translate up to 5-8 minutes faster. Next up the Big Sur Half in November for the ‘turkey’! Fitting that it’s just a week before Thanksgiving.

NYC Marathon Training From Jack Daniels

Training for the New York City Marathon? Find out how fast you can go with a training plan written by legendary coach Jack Daniels, personalized just for you. Jack has written templates that can be personalized for those looking to finish their first marathon or break 3, 4 or 5 hours.

  • 18-week plan – Sign up by July 1st
  • 15-week plan – Sign up by July 22nd

Start training for your new personal best!

Important Fall Marathon Training Dates

Running a fall marathon? The absolute best thing you can do is start thinking about your preparation now. An unrushed training plan is the safest way to progress forward and stay injury free while allowing your body to adapt to your training. Make sure to follow a personalized training plan that factors in your age, goal time, time commitment, fitness and experience levels.

Below are the dates of some of the most popular fall marathons and the first day of training for each on our 15-week and 18-week training plans.

Bill Horne Gets Redemption At NYC Marathon

When Run SMART client Bill Horne signed up for private coaching this past summer he sent us an email with the subject:  “NYC Redemption Run.” He was disappointed with his Chicago Marathon performance last year and wanted to make up for it in New York City. He did just that by dropping 29 minutes on a much harder course finishing in 3:38:28 (Official Results).

Bill’s Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi said afterwards, “Bill almost set a new PR at the half marathon mark so I think he could have run a little faster if he paced himself better early on. Still, this was a huge performance for him and he has a lot more to come.”

Caroline Curvan Shaves 35 Minutes Off NYC Marathon Best

Big congrats to Caroline Curvan for her performance at the New York City Marathon. Caroline bought a Jack Daniels’ Training Plan earlier this year and just wrote us about her results.

Just wanted to let you know that I completed the NYC marathon last weekend.  While I didn’t make my goal of 3:59, I did shave 6 minutes off my last marathon PR (and 35 minutes off my last NYC time,) for a 4:05.

I really liked following your plan (although I did make some adjustments which I now see why I shouldn’t have:)

Last Minute NYC Marathon Tips

Run SMART coach Brian Rosetti offered up some important last minute marathon tips for the New York City Marathon at DNAinfo.com. Proper rest, nutrition, warm-up, settling nerves, etc. were just some of the topics covered.

Rest. “There’s nothing you can do at this point to improve your fitness in time for the race. At this stage, you can only hurt yourself by doing too much,” said Brian Rosetti, an Upper West Sider who founded of The Run SMART Project, a coaching service for runners.

Take a few days off completely this week, said Rosetti, and limit your running to a two or three mile run at your goal pace or a little faster on Tuesday or Wednesday.

You can read the full article of tips here.