Mike Smith Finishes 2nd At Chuckanut 50k

Run SMART coach Mike Smith finished runner-up at the Chuckanut 50k in a very competitive field. Smith, a relative new comer to the sport, hung on to the lead in his first ultra marathon until mile 22 when he got passed by eventual winner, Geoff Roes. Roes (3:41:52) and Smith (3:45:22) both beat the course record of 3:49:39 set by Andy Martin. Full results here.

Speed Workouts For A 26.2 Mile Race?

By Mike Smith

A question I get many times from the runners I interact with is “What place does speedwork have in training for a 26 mile race, Mike?” The question is a good one; in a race so far, wouldn’t you want to just get good at running for a long time? Why would anyone need to practice running fast?  It turns out that faster workouts don’t only have to be performed because you want to be a sprinter. These types of workouts can play an important part in preparing for longer races as well.

Winter Running Footwear Tips

By Vince Sherry

I wince every time I see more than a couple inches of snow in the forecast. It’s ironic, considering one of my favorite Bill Bowerman quotes is “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only soft people.”

This is a relatively new qualm of mine. I grew up in Rochester, NY. Since Rochester rarely sees the sun in the winter (and the winter is very long), the snow sticks around much longer. But I never missed a day of running due to snow in Rochester, and the fresh white powder made the otherwise dismal winter landscape a little more pleasing to the eye. I actually enjoyed running on snowy days. So what happened?

Running Advice Articles From Run SMART Coaches

For the past eight weeks Run SMART coaches have been contributing original content to our blog on all sorts of running-related topics. Our goal is to share a new article from one of our esteemed coaches on a different running topic each week. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the sport from the insightful viewpoints of our elite coaching staff.

So far we’ve posted Learning How To Concentrate and the Three Most Important Tips For Beginners by Mike Smith. Dr. Jack Daniels, via Flotrack and Saucony, shared his thoughts on cross training for runners. Blake Boldon wrote about what he believes to be the Three Fundamental Principles of Running. Vince Sherry covered When to Get New Running Shoes. Brian Rosetti brought us Learning How To Recover Properly.

Learning How To Concentrate Can Improve Your Running

“Staying on Task”

By Mike Smith

Fall 1998, I am a freshman, about two months into Division I collegiate running.  It’s a whole new world and I’m getting a hard introduction. My team is one of the best in the country and I am trying my hardest to hang on in yet another brutal practice. A dark fall day, the older runners pull away again, leaving me behind in another interval session. What am I doing here? I feel like I am trying so hard but I just keep getting dropped. Every workout.

J Ro Wins Bluffton 5k

Run SMART client John Robinson set another 5k PR this weekend winning the Bluffton 5k in 18:59 on Saturday in Bluffton, SC (full results). J Ro came to the Run S.M.A.R.T. Project just last year with a PR of 20:45. Since joining he has set eight PR’s in distances from 5k to the marathon. Robinson has worked with Run SMART coach Mike Smith since March 2009.

“John’s been able to race more frequent, shorter races this fall and it’s been a lot of fun. We were targeting a PR but hadn’t discussed the fact that he could get the win too, so that was just an added bonus. His training has been great and the frequent racing this fall has allowed him to really dial into these faster paces that we practice. He’s put it all together,” said Mike.

The Making of the Run SMART Training Plans

By Vince Sherry

A couple of years ago I was looking through a schedule that Jack had sent me to prepare for the Carlsbad 5k.  The schedule was similar in format to what you would find in his book, Daniels’ Running Formula, but very different in terms of content.  While I was looking at the schedule I wondered if most runners knew how many different schedules Jack had written over the years.  At the time almost every competitive runner in Flagstaff (along with countless visiting athletes) had received a schedule from Jack for one race or another and no two were the same.

John Robinson Sets 7th PR With Run SMART

Run SMART client John Robinson of Savannah, GA, set another PR for 5k on Saturday, October 16th, running 19:05 to finish 3rd overall at the Go Green 5k Trail Run in Savannah, GA. In just a year and a half with The Run SMART Project, John has had seven PR performances, including five just in 2010. When John signed up back in March of ’09 he had run 20:45 for 5k. To drop one minute and 40 seconds over such a short distance is incredible.

John works with Run SMART Coach Mike Smith.