Mark Harrap Drops 1 Hour And 23 Minutes Off Marathon PR!!!!

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Mark Harrap customized a marathon plan back in April geared towards the Chester Marathon in Chesire, England. His past marathon performances were 5:02 in April of 2008 and 5:28 in April of 2010, yet he listed a goal time of 3:40. Every once in a while we have to adjust expectations and email clients about how much time it’s reasonable to try and drop in 15-18 weeks worth of training. But Mark noted that he had lost 60lbs in the last 18 months and that he was training more seriously lately so we decided to gear the workouts and paces towards 3:40. What the heck!?!? We were inspired.

This past weekend Mark emailed us his results. 3:39! Are you kidding?!?!?! An unheard of 1 hour and 23 minute improvement from his personal best and a drop of 1 hour and 49 minutes off his last marathon 2.5 years ago. Since we started working with runners of all levels back in 2006 none of us have ever seen such a gigantic transformation. Earlier in the day Sean Hutchins had emailed us about his amazing performance dropping 56 minutes off his PR, which was the biggest improvement we had ever gotten, but this takes the cake. Mark’s full results here.

Thanks for letting us share your inspirational story Mark! We’re looking forward to working with you again soon.