Long-Term Marathon Recovery Tips (VIDEO)

During the next several weeks throughout this fall marathon season we’re going to post some important marathon recovery tips. How you approach the weeks following your marathon can make a huge difference when you start training towards a new goal.

Run SMART coach Mike Smith leads us off with his tips on long-term marathon recovery.

Kathy Eims Sets Marathon PR

Run SMART client Kathy Eims set a new PR at the Yakima River Canyon Marathon. After fighting off a “bum plantar” over the last several weeks Kathy still managed to drop over six minutes off of her personal best. Her official time was 4:14:32 (full results). Kathy works with coach Alicia Shay.

If you’ve never heard of the Yakima River Canyon Marathon, it’s worth checking out some of the scenic views along the course. Seems like a really beautiful race.

What’s Your Prediction For The Fight?

By Brian Rosetti

Five days to go until the NYC Marathon! This morning I cracked up looking at my iCal forgetting that on Sunday, November 7th I wrote, “NYC Marathon Day – Pain!” As an a unabashed Rocky fan, all I could think about was Clubber Lang’s prediction in Rocky III…

Yoga For Runners Workshop (NYC)

This Thursday, October 21st from 7:30pm-9:00pm at YogaWorks Westside, Mimi Rosetti will be leading a Yoga For Runners Workshop. All proceeds will go towards the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. The suggested donation is $25 for the session. To register, call 212-769-9642. Location: 37 W. 65th St. (between CPW and Columbus Ave), 4th floor, New York, NY.

Magic Orgil Drops 14 Minutes Off Marathon PR

This past weekend at the Nike Women’s Marathon Magic Orgil set her third personal best since joining The Run SMART Project. Magic dropped 14 minutes off of her marathon best and finished in 3:36:40 (8:16 per mile). Check out her results graph – the best part is she pretty much got faster throughout the entire race!

  • At 5k she was averaging 8:36 per mile
  • At 15k she was averaging 8:22 per mile
  • At 35k she was averaging 8:18 per mile
  • And she finished averaging 8:16 per mile!!!

The picture says it all – she literally breezed through that race. Magic works with Run SMART Coach Vince Sherry.

Dr. Jack’s Clients Set Two More PRs

Elton Shapiro of Hollywood, FL just missed his ultimate goal of breaking four hours in the marathon but still set a new personal best by 5 minutes. If not for getting stopped and having to wait at a railroad crossing, we’re confident Elton would have cracked the 4-hour barrier. He finished the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon in 4:00:57 (full results). Next stop, sub-4, Elton!!!

Is A Training Plan Essential?

Is A Training Plan Essential?

By Rod Koborsi

As runners, we ask numerous questions to help us feel better, train harder and run faster. These questions vary from whether minimalist footwear is all the hype to how far should I run be before a marathon. While these questions (and everything in between) may be good ones to ask, they sometimes forget one of the most important questions, “Is a training plan essential?”

Marathon Nutrition

As part of our Marathon Nutrition Series, Run SMART coach, Alicia Shay, has put together some tips and suggestions for the Day Before the race, Race Day, During the Race and the Day After.  If anyone is interested in signing up for a nutrition consultation with Alicia please check out the Run SMART Nutrition page. Today we bring you the first part of our series:

Day Before:

1. Only eat foods that you are used to eating.