Is He Man Or Machine?

Last time Josh Weinrobe signed up for a Jack Daniels Training Plan he hit his goal time by the second finishing last year’s Chicago Marathon in 3:13:00 – a 15-minute PR! Convinced we were some kind of geniuses he signed up for another plan geared towards the Eugene Marathon this past April with a goal time of 3:05. We thought he could run a bit faster so we geared the schedule’s paces and workouts towards a prescribed time of 3:01. Can you guess what happened?

Scott Weber Sets New PR At Illinois Marathon

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Scott Weber set a new PR at the Illinois Marathon. Scott finished in 3:49:11, roughly 18 minutes faster than his previous best! [Full Results] Afterwards, he told us he is now shooting for 3:35 at Chicago in the fall.

Stacey Mears Beats Goal Time By 23 Minutes

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Stacey Mears beat her goal time by 23 minutes at the Gettysburg Marathon. This was Stacey’s first marathon.

I finished in 4:37:38, felt great and obviously now sore! Great time, definitely under my 5:00:00 goal time!

Another positive result! We’d like to thank all of our customers for sharing their feedback and results with us. It helps us improve the program and lets others know the service works well for runners of all levels. We’re always tweaking the program and adding more templates to the system to help you run faster.

Heidi Peoples Shares Her Favorite Marathon Workout

Last week we asked Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi what his favorite workout was. This week Heidi Peoples shares her favorite. Both coaches keep it simple and seem to favor something of a steady state run because it helps boost their confidence before a race.

Heidi: During the winter (coldness and darkness) it was difficult if not impossible to get on a track in the early morning when I run. Therefore, my favorite workout involved a reliable partner – my treadmill!  The goal of the workout is to run 10 miles slightly under my marathon race pace. To prepare for it I make sure I am well hydrated the night before and try to get a decent amount of sleep. Then, I head to the basement and create a relaxed setting – dim lights, turn the TV to my favorite station (VH1 actually has videos on in the AM!) and start out running relaxed, gradually increasing the pace until I reach 10 miles.

Important Fall Marathon Training Dates

Running a fall marathon? The absolute best thing you can do is start thinking about your preparation now. An unrushed training plan is the safest way to progress forward and stay injury free while allowing your body to adapt to your training. Make sure to follow a personalized training plan that factors in your age, goal time, time commitment, fitness and experience levels.

Below are the dates of some of the most popular fall marathons and the first day of training for each on our 15-week and 18-week training plans.

Peter Brinkman Runs 3:06 In First Marathon

Big congrats to Run SMART client Peter Brinkman for running 3:06:52 in his first marathon at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon. Afterwards, his coach Rod Koborsi said, “I knew he could run 3:10-3:12 but he surprised me a little by running 3:06!”

Full results

Now that he’s got a full marathon build-up under his belt we’re looking forward to seeing how fast Peter can run in his next race.

Cathrine Wolden Finishes 37th At Boston Marathon

Run SMART client Cathrine Wolden finished 37th female overall at the 2012 Boston Marathon. She managed to run 3:02:29 under extremely difficult conditions with temps reaching the 80’s towards the second half of her race. Complete results.

Big congrats to Cathrine for such a brave race and her coach Alicia Shay for preparing her so well to run under those conditions.

Warming Up For A Marathon With Ann Alyanak

We asked Run SMART coach Ann Alyanak what her marathon warm-up routine is and what she recommends to her clients.

Ann: My typical marathon warm-up is a mile shakeout about 3 hours before the race. I do this right after I wake up and before I eat breakfast. This is just to help me wake up and get some blood flowing. Then about 30 minutes before the race I will run very easy for about 10 minutes and do some light stretching. I will do a couple very light strides as well. I don’t do anything hard or long because I want to conserve my energy for the race. The first couple miles of the marathon kind of serve as a warm-up too.

Boston Marathon Racing Tips

We asked Run SMART coaches Heidi Peoples and Ann Alyanak for some last minute Boston Marathon tips. Both coaches know the course well. Ann was 8th female overall at Boston in 2007 and Heidi ran 2:45 at Boston in 2010.

Heidi Peoples:  The Boston Marathon is an incredible event but can definitely be overwhelming. I felt like an ant in an anthill following crowds to the expo, church, subways, dinner, and even the hotel. Everyone seems like they are going the same place, doing the same things to prepare for the marathon. Mentally it can be exhausting! Since I ran in the elite field of women, my experience was a bit unique – no crowds at the start, and the field of women separated rather quickly. I went out fast to stay with a group, and paid for it at the end of the race.

Another PR While Running Under The Influence

Jason Klaitman just reported to us that he set a new PR at the Tobacco Road Marathon after following his very own Jack Daniels Training Plan.

I had what I feel was a very good race.  I wanted to run a 2:59, but it was hotter and more humid that I would have liked and I fought off cramping in the second half of the marathon – something I have never dealt with before.  I ended up running a 3:03:15.  My previous PR was 3:11:07, so a big improvement and good enough for 3rd in my AG and top-30 OA.  I think on a flatter course like Chicago, I could have easily broken three hours, but regardless, I re-qualified for Boston.

I really appreciated your plan:  I ran more miles on back to back days then I have ever run but stayed healthier than I ever have during a marathon training cycle.

Congrats, Jason! Next stop, sub-3!!