Marathon Recovery: First Week After Your Race

First week after race. No running. Hide the shoes, sleep in and enjoy some much-needed rest. It’s important for your long-term progression as a runner that you recover properly after a long build-up and grueling 26.2-mile race. In the first week limit your activity to non-impact cardio like biking and swimming to help speed up the recovery process.

For our complete marathon recovery breakdown, including: when to start running again, when to add in workouts and when to start racing again see our Long- Term Marathon Recovery video with Run SMART coach Mike Smith.

Marathon Recovery Tips – Immediately After Race

Run SMART coaches have put together a list of tips to help you recover from your marathon. We recommend the following immediately after the race:


  • Electrolytes. This is a very individual scenario. A short answer would be that most runners don’t need to replace electrolytes right after finishing if they are planning on eating balanced meals and snacks following the race.  Most foods, especially packaged products and meals served in restaurants contain enough sodium to equalize any potential electrolyte imbalance. However, if you have an extreme craving for salt then you need drink or eat something that contains sodium.  This could be your body’s warning that your electrolytes are out of balance.  

Long-Term Marathon Recovery Tips (VIDEO)

During the next several weeks throughout this fall marathon season we’re going to post some important marathon recovery tips. How you approach the weeks following your marathon can make a huge difference when you start training towards a new goal.

Run SMART coach Mike Smith leads us off with his tips on long-term marathon recovery.