Erin Palmer Drops 17-Minute PR On Sweaty Day In LA

Erin Palmer was looking for a big PR in LA this past weekend after her 4:22 performance in NYC. Her training was consistent all winter and her plan projected about a 3:58. Once the weather forecasts turned grim we adjusted her goal time to about 4:05, or the equivalent effort in about 72 degree heat, using the VDOT Calculator.

Bradley Geilfuss Trumps El Niño In LA

Bradley Geilfuss set a 2-minute PR in the heat at the LA Marathon this past weekend. His official time was 3:18:53 [Results]. That 2-minute PR is deceiving considering his previous PR was set on a downhill course. He was also forced to make a quick pit stop Sunday, plus temps were in the mid-70’s, which converts to about a 3:13 (according to the VDOT O2 Calculator).