Josh Weinrobe Sets PR At Georgia Half Marathon

On a very hilly course at the Georgia Half Marathon Josh Weinrobe still managed to PR by over a minute. He finished in 1:26:27 (6:34 per mile).

This is a great sign as he enters his final weeks of preparation for the Boston Marathon. Josh is going after another sub-3 hour performance and his 4th Run SMART marathon PR.

Who Hits Their Marathon Goal Time On The Dot Three Times In A Row?

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Josh Weinrobe cracked the 3-hour barrier for the first time at the Soldier Marathon in Columbus, GA last weekend. The 42-year old from Atlanta had an amazing day. He set a new PR, hit his goal time on the dot and finished 9th overall in 2:59:42. [Full results]

What’s really amazing is the fact that Josh has now hit his goal time on the dot three marathons in a row while following one of Jack’s customized training plans. He bought his first plan last year for Chicago. His PR was 3:28 when he signed up and he customized his plan to run 3:13. He ran 3:13. Then, this past spring he trained for Eugene and customized a new plan to run 3:01. You guessed it, he ran 3:01. And now, for the third time in a row he hit his goal time (2:59) on the dot!

Josh sent us some feedback after the race, “It’s hard to believe I finished my first marathon just over two years ago in 3:41, qualified for 2013 Boston Marathon in April, and have now gone sub-three hours. I can say unequivocally that there’s no way I would have achieved this without your training guidance. Looking forward to my next SMART plan for Boston (once I take a much needed rest!).”

Is He Man Or Machine?

Last time Josh Weinrobe signed up for a Jack Daniels Training Plan he hit his goal time by the second finishing last year’s Chicago Marathon in 3:13:00 – a 15-minute PR! Convinced we were some kind of geniuses he signed up for another plan geared towards the Eugene Marathon this past April with a goal time of 3:05. We thought he could run a bit faster so we geared the schedule’s paces and workouts towards a prescribed time of 3:01. Can you guess what happened?

Run SMART Customer Hits Goal Time By The Second In Chicago

Josh Weinrobe signed up for a Jack Daniels’ Training Plan this past June in preparation for the Chicago Marathon. When he signed up his marathon PR was 3:28 and his personalized schedule, based on Jack’s patented formulas, trained him towards a goal of 3:13 (7:22 per mile).

This week Josh emailed us with his results, “Don’t know if this has ever happened in your coaching career, but I nailed your prescribed target time for Chicago to the second. Pretty crazy.  Gotta say, I didn’t think it was possible.  I’m now a true believer in Run SMART Project methodology. I’ll be back for my next race!”

His official time – 3:13:00 (7:22 per mile) on the dot! Doesn’t get better than that. Congrats on the 15-minute PR, Josh!