Chris McKay Sets A New PR At The Fremantle Half

Run SMART client Chris McKay, of Perth, Western Australia, set a new PR at the Fremantle Half Marathon. Our first Australian PR! Chris finished in 1:23:48, improving on his time from last year by almost two minutes on a very windy day, also including a stop to tie his shoelaces! He was 16th place overall. [Full results]

Chris works with Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples.

Bill Clugston Drops Over 12 Minutes Off 10k Time

Run SMART client Bill Clugston of Auburn, WA set a new PR at the Dawg Dash 10k. The 57-year-old’s last 10k time since 1980 was last spring when he finished in 1:19:52. We’re excited to announce that he shaved over 12 minutes off his recent best finishing in 1:07:39. [Results] Bill and his Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples are working towards getting back to a sub-60 minute 10k.

Michael Neumann Drops The Hammer At Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver

Run SMART client Michael Neumann of Lone Tree, CO set a new PR at the Denver Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon this past weekend. Michael finished in 1:36:01, roughly four minutes faster than his previous best.

Many of our clients have been seeing great results lately when negative splitting their race. Michael did just that and executed it brilliantly. His split at 10k was 46:47 or 7:31 per mile and he ended up averaging 7:19 per mile by the end of the race. That’s coming home fast!

Michael works with Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples.

Heidi Peoples Wins St. Luke’s Half Marathon

Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples won the St. Luke’s Half Marathon in Allentown, PA! Heidi finished almost 3 minutes ahead of the next female runner and was 15th overall out of a record 3,217 runners. Her official time was in 1:17:47. [Results] Not bad considering she gave birth about 6-months ago!!!

Lehigh Valley Running Scene was reporting from the race…

Peoples, coming off the birth of a daughter sixth months ago, had a 30-second lead over Jobes after three miles and kept building it throughout the race.

Heidi Peoples Shares Her Favorite Marathon Workout

Last week we asked Run SMART coach Rod Koborsi what his favorite workout was. This week Heidi Peoples shares her favorite. Both coaches keep it simple and seem to favor something of a steady state run because it helps boost their confidence before a race.

Heidi: During the winter (coldness and darkness) it was difficult if not impossible to get on a track in the early morning when I run. Therefore, my favorite workout involved a reliable partner – my treadmill!  The goal of the workout is to run 10 miles slightly under my marathon race pace. To prepare for it I make sure I am well hydrated the night before and try to get a decent amount of sleep. Then, I head to the basement and create a relaxed setting – dim lights, turn the TV to my favorite station (VH1 actually has videos on in the AM!) and start out running relaxed, gradually increasing the pace until I reach 10 miles.

Boston Marathon Racing Tips

We asked Run SMART coaches Heidi Peoples and Ann Alyanak for some last minute Boston Marathon tips. Both coaches know the course well. Ann was 8th female overall at Boston in 2007 and Heidi ran 2:45 at Boston in 2010.

Heidi Peoples:  The Boston Marathon is an incredible event but can definitely be overwhelming. I felt like an ant in an anthill following crowds to the expo, church, subways, dinner, and even the hotel. Everyone seems like they are going the same place, doing the same things to prepare for the marathon. Mentally it can be exhausting! Since I ran in the elite field of women, my experience was a bit unique – no crowds at the start, and the field of women separated rather quickly. I went out fast to stay with a group, and paid for it at the end of the race.

Chris Miltenberg Named National Coach Of The Year

Big congrats to Run SMART coach Chris Miltenberg for being named the National Women’s Coach of the Year by the U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Association after bringing home Georgetown University’s first ever NCAA title in Women’s Cross Country.

On Monday, with Miltenberg at the helm, the Georgetown women’s cross country team won its first national championship in program history. A storybook ending to the season for Miltenberg, a 2003 graduate of Georgetown, to bring a national championship back to his alma mater where not only he competed, but so did his wife.

Tips On How To Bounce Back From A Disappointing Race

By Heidi Peoples

Spring has finally arrived!  For many runners, Spring is a great opportunity to test your fitness and see if you’ve worked hard enough throughout the dark and cold winter months to reach your racing goals for the year.  If you haven’t run your first race post-winter yet, most likely you will within the next few weeks.

The first race of the season could have very different results.  You may be pleasantly surprised with your present fitness level, or you could be discouraged by a disappointing result.  Favorable results lead you looking forward to the upcoming season and excited to get out the door to run.  However, what happens if the race you have been training for doesn’t go so well?