Heidi Peoples Wins Steamtown Marathon – Again!

Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples set a new Steamtown Marathon record this past weekend by taking home her 4th title.

The 35-year-old Riverside teacher didn’t train for the race’s 20th edition, and didn’t decide to enter until Thursday.

But the mother of three utilized her daily training runs to breeze to her record fourth Steamtown Marathon title, winning Sunday’s race from Forest City to Courthouse Square in Scranton in 2 hours, 50 minutes, 34 seconds.

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Chris Luo Nails BQ At Mountains 2 Beach

"Mountain 2 Beach Marathon"After his recent half marathon PR performance (1:27) this past April, Chris Luo shaved another seven minutes off of his marathon best at the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon. The 39-year-old from San Fran officially clocked in at 3:12:28, placing him 168th out of 1602 finishers. [Results] Afterwards, Chris gave his coach Heidi Peoples credit…

I joined you guys and started working with Heidi after bombing out in my first marathon attempt last year in Napa, where I ran 3:30. My next attempt (working with Heidi) got me to 3:19. It’s super gratifying to have a BQ and new PR at 3:12:28. I definitely would not have gotten there without you guys, so I’m really appreciative!

Preparing For Downhill Races


By Heidi Peoples

When registering for races always look closely at the course maps and elevation changes. Most people incorporate hills into their training to build strength. However, often overlooked are the downhills in races. Most runners assume races that descend more than they ascend will be easier but oftentimes fail to prepare properly. In order to take advantage of a net downhill course your body must be trained for it. 

Run SMART Fountain Of Youth (Cont’d)

43 is the new 29? Well, Run SMART client Sara Armbruster is back to running like she did in her 20’s!

“I ran the second-fastest half-marathon of my life two weeks ago at the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon (1:56:38),” said Sara. “My fastest half marathon was when I was 29, and now I’m 43, so it feels pretty great to be running almost as fast as I was that many years ago. Definitely wouldn’t be running this well without Heidi’s help.”

Heidi Peoples Wins Scranton Half Marathon

This morning Heidi Peoples took home the women’s title at the 1st Inaugural Scranton Half Marathon. She finished in 1:17:29 (5:54 per mile). [Full results] This amazing performance comes just 8 weeks after Heidi gave birth to her third child! Say what?!?! It’s also her first race in 14 months…just sayin.

Emily Fried Sets New PR At Philly Marathon


Run SMART client Emily Fried of New York, NY set a new PR at the Philadelphia Marathon this past weekend – her second PR in just six weeks! Her official time of 4:05:04 was almost 13 minutes faster than her previous lifetime best set last fall.

Emily works with Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples.


Chris McKay PRs At Brooks Challenge Fun Run

Run SMART client Chris McKay ran 35:55 at the Brooks Challenge 10k in Perth, Australia. [Full results] His previous best was 36:21. Chris has now set PRs for a half marathon and 10k since signing up for coaching. Congrats, mate!

Chris works with Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples.

Emily Fried Smashes PR At NYC Half

Run SMART client Emily Fried smashed her half marathon PR by running 1:46:48 in the NYC Half Marathon on Sunday. She ran with great inspiration honoring our dear friend Kay Mueller who is currently battling Colorectal Cancer. If you’d like to donate to Emily and Kay’s cause to fight Colorectal Cancer visit Emily’s page.

Emily’s previous PR was 1:50:43. At the 10k mark she was 52:12 or 8:24 pace per mile which would have put her right at her previous PR if she hadn’t run such a strong second half! [Full results]

Emily works with Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples.

Bill Clugston Sets Second PR In Two Months

Run SMART client Bill Clugston set his second PR since signing up for private coaching this past September. Last month he dropped 12 minutes off his 10k best and recently had a 2:42 improvement on his 5k time at the Wobble To Gobble 5k in Auburn, WA.

Bill works with Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples.