Antoni Baltar Sets Second Half Marathon PR In Two Weeks

Jack Daniels Training Plan user Antoni Baltar of Barcelona, Spain set his second half marathon PR in just two weeks! After adjusting his training to accomodate a sore left calf, Antoni surprised us by running 1:25:57, 1 minute and 10 seconds faster than his previous best. He’s now right on track to reach his goal of breaking 3 hours in the Barcelona Marathon next month.

Antoni gave us a glimpse into his mental state during the race along with a nice lesson from his father-in-law in how the injury actually may have helped him PR…

10 km: 40:32 ( it would have been one of my best 10km historic  times, by the way). I started very explosive, 3:54 the first km, and had to “put on the brake” 15 km: 1:01:05 . “Well, if I have to abandon after this, it has been a nice and valid test. But let’s try to finish. Now both calves hurt, so yo have no excuse ;-)” 20 km: 1:21:40 “hey, not only I am breaking my PR. I can finish under 1:26!” Finish Line: 1:25:57  J

 My father in law, elite middle and short distance runner in his youth, told me after the race: “Your calf has been the key. You say you have been thinking ALL THE TIME in your calf trouble, being concerned about it. This way you have freed your mind of any other worry or pressure”

Rosemary Lather Overcomes Big Obstacles To Set New PR

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Rosemary Lather of Columbia, MD overcame some very unlucky and ill-timed obstacles to set a new PR at the Austin Half Marathon this past weekend. Rosemary first suffered a hairline fracture in her fibula while moving furniture (ouch!), which caused her to pause and then resume training. After getting started again she had a bout with the flu but still managed to drop over two and a half minutes off her previous best time!

Rosemary finished in 1:53:20 (8:39 per mile). [Full results] #Determination! Now, what the heck can she run without moving furniture or a pesky flu bug creeping around?

Aaron Kravitz Goes 4-For-4

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Aaron Kravitz set a new PR at the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon. His official time was 1:33:34, just over two minutes faster than his previous best. [Full results]

This is Aaron’s fourth consecutive training plan and PR!  When he first signed up for a plan his PR was 1:47. In April Aaron goes for his 5th PR in a row at the San Francisco R&R Half. Stay tuned!

Antoni Baltar Sets New Half Marathon PR

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Antoni Baltar of Barcelona, Spain set a new PR at the Granollers Half Marathon this past weekend. Antoni ran 1:27:07, 17 seconds faster than his PR on a very challenging course under wind advisory conditions! We’re excited to see how fast he can go under better conditions in his goal race next month!

Congrats, Antoni!

Rob DeLong Sets New PR Every Time He Races

Run SMART client Rob Delong lowered his half marathon PR for the second time in two months at the Disney Half this past weekend. Delong finished in 1:46:03, a new PR by three minutes and 12 seconds. [Full results] He also managed to set a new 10k PR by 30 seconds in route! Delong has now PR’d in just about every race he’s run since he signed up for coaching back in February of 2012.

“The plan was to average 8:07 pace (1:46:23) so we’re super excited things went according to plan. Anytime you pick up two PRs in one race you’ve got to feel pretty good about your training. Rob is right on track to reach his goal at Boston in April,” said his coach Brian Rosetti.

Bruce Mihalick Sets New PR At Rehoboth Beach Half

Jack Daniels’ Training Plan customer Bruce Mihalick of Washington, DC set a new PR at the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon this past weekend. Bruce came into the race with a PR of 1:45 and finished in 1:39.

“The Plan Rocks, I Haven’t Run Like This For 20 Years”

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Rich Myers of Mesa, AZ had a great race last weekend at the Shun The Sun Skin Cancer Half Marathon. Myers sent us a note afterwards, “I beat my goal time! I ran 1:36:51, 7:24 pace. I placed 24th overall, 20th male, and 7th in age division. The plan rocks, I haven’t run like this for 20 years.”

Rich is well on track to reach his goal of 3:40 at the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in January. The equivalent marathon performance for this half marathon time is about 3:21:40! Keep it rolling Rich!

Manlio Vecchiet Sets PR At Columbia Gorge Half Marathon

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Manlio Vecchiet of Seattle, WA set a new PR at the Columbia Gorge Half Marathon. Manlio’s PR when he signed up was 1:27:35. On an extremely challenging course with 1,200 ft of elevation gain, he still managed to PR running 1:25:07 for 8th place overall. [Full results] Even more impressive was his pacing job. His split at the halfway mark was 43:05 so he ran slightly faster the last 6.55 miles.

Chris McKay Sets A New PR At The Fremantle Half

Run SMART client Chris McKay, of Perth, Western Australia, set a new PR at the Fremantle Half Marathon. Our first Australian PR! Chris finished in 1:23:48, improving on his time from last year by almost two minutes on a very windy day, also including a stop to tie his shoelaces! He was 16th place overall. [Full results]

Chris works with Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples.

Michael Neumann Drops The Hammer At Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver

Run SMART client Michael Neumann of Lone Tree, CO set a new PR at the Denver Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon this past weekend. Michael finished in 1:36:01, roughly four minutes faster than his previous best.

Many of our clients have been seeing great results lately when negative splitting their race. Michael did just that and executed it brilliantly. His split at 10k was 46:47 or 7:31 per mile and he ended up averaging 7:19 per mile by the end of the race. That’s coming home fast!

Michael works with Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples.