Jack Talks About Run SMART On Flotrack

Jack talks about private coaching opportunities through Runsmartproject.com during Season 6 of Saucony Thirsty Thursdays with Jack Daniels.

Watch more video of Jack Daniels on flotrack.org

Jack’s top two reasons as to why we’ve had so much success with our clients:

  1. We’re careful about not overtraining clients
  2. We’re able to identify proper training paces for runners of all levels through his patented vdot formulas

If you haven’t checked out Thirsty Thursdays head over to Flotrack.org to watch all the episodes. They’ve done an amazing job with this series.

Running Advice Articles From Run SMART Coaches

For the past eight weeks Run SMART coaches have been contributing original content to our blog on all sorts of running-related topics. Our goal is to share a new article from one of our esteemed coaches on a different running topic each week. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the sport from the insightful viewpoints of our elite coaching staff.

So far we’ve posted Learning How To Concentrate and the Three Most Important Tips For Beginners by Mike Smith. Dr. Jack Daniels, via Flotrack and Saucony, shared his thoughts on cross training for runners. Blake Boldon wrote about what he believes to be the Three Fundamental Principles of Running. Vince Sherry covered When to Get New Running Shoes. Brian Rosetti brought us Learning How To Recover Properly.

Dr. Jack Daniels On Cross Training

The latest Thirsty Thursday edition with Dr. Jack Daniels brought to you by Flotrack and Saucony is a dandy. Jack discusses the advantages and dangers of incorporating cross training into your running routine. He also makes a wonderful point about not adding in new stress over the last 3-4 weeks before your goal race.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Coach Jack Daniels On The Importance of Setting Goals

Flotrack.org has been doing a series of interviews with coach Jack Daniels called Thirsty Thursdays. Each interview covers a different facet of training and racing so I encourage everyone to check the videos out at Flotrack. Here’s the latest, which covers the importance of having purpose in your training and the idea that all runners should have an individualized approach.