Why I Run?

We all have different reasons for running, but I’ve heard very few as inspiring as Everett’s.  When I began coaching Everett in October of ’07 I had no idea he had been on life support less than 4 years prior.  He didn’t mention anything but “occasional back pain”, under the medical related section of the Run SMART Project profile form.  So, I was a little surprised when Everett finally told me his reason for running, after the PF Chang’s Rock & Roll Marathon.  Everett managed to drop his marathon PR by 24 minutes in that race.  I still consider the biggest mistake I’ve made as a coach to be that I didn’t drive the 120 miles to Phoenix to see Everett run it.  We spoke a few days after the race to talk about recovery, training and goals.  Towards the end of the conversation Everett told me why he runs.  I didn’t know his story prior to that day.

Run SMART Athletes Set PR’s In Chicago Heat

For the second year in a row the Chicago Marathon saw some unseasonably warm weather. And, for the second year in a row Run SMART Project athletes set personal bests. Alex Gardner and Everett Hill set out for big results, and though the conditions didn’t allow for the kind of times they were hoping for, both set new PRs.

I spent the morning of the Chicago Marathon at home in Flagstaff, furiously hitting the “refresh” button on the race tracker. I took down every 5k split and calculated the mile pace. Both Alex and Everett were on their planned pace through 30k… As the 35k splits appeared I knew something was off. The pace had slowed, but I knew there was still a chance that both could pick it up. What I didn’t realize was that around this time the temperature had reached 84 degrees!

Alex crossed the finish with a new PR of 3:54:15. And Everett crossed with a new PR of 4:08:23. They may not have accomplished their goals on this blistering day, but as we all know PRs don’t come easy. Congrats to both on a fantastic effort.

Everett Hill Sets 5k PR

There’s no question that Everett Hill’s favorite distance is the marathon. In fact, this past winter I asked Everett if he would be interested in training for some shorter races this spring… His response was, “Vince, I’m a marathoner.” By the end of the discussion Everett came around to the idea, and the change of pace (and distance) has proven to be fruitful experience.

Everett started with a strong 7K on April 19th and followed it up with a 10K on the 26th. Despite great showings at both events, Everett felt that he had another one in him. He finished the series with a 5K PR this past weekend, running 24:31. Everett has dropped his relatively high mileage in exchange for some shorter speed sessions throughout the spring. The goal remains the marathon and Everett will be uping the mileage late summer.

-Vince Sherry

Everett Hill Runs 24 Minute PR

Everett Hill put forth his another stellar performance since signing on with the Run SMART Project. This past weekend at the PF Chang’s Rock & Roll Marathon Everett rolled his way to a new PR of 4:11:12.

I do believe that it is fair to mention that this marathon was far from Everett’s toughest battle. Only a few years ago Everett was placed on life support after suffering from cardiac arrest. He only started running after having open heart surgery.
Check back for Everett’s story, as we will soon be posting it in his words right here on the news page.
Congratulations on the new PR Everett and may there be many more to come.
-Vince Sherry

Everett Hill Sets 8 Minute Half Marathon PR

Relatively new Run SMART Project Client, Everett Hill, set an 8 minute PR in the half-marathon on October 27th, finishing the race in 1 hour 56 minutes. Everett followed the race plan exactly, splitting even pace for the first and second half of the race. He is now training for the PF Chang’s Rock & Roll Marathon in Phoenix, AZ on January 13th.