Run SMART Retreat 2012: The Week That Was

By Erin Strout

Wise words and fascinating stories from an Olympian and her coach. Long runs on a few of the most-scenic trails in the country. Expert nutrition advice for athletes. Delicious dinners. New friends…and lots of fun. And who could forget the Grand Canyon?! The first of two Run SMART retreats in Flagstaff, Ariz., included all of that and more.

Part vacation, part running camp, the Run SMART Retreat experience left attendees rejuvenated and armed with the latest-and-greatest ingredients for a successful training season ahead (including endless amounts of GU products and Saucony gear).

Flagstaff Running Community Has Its Own News Outlet

Keep up with all the latest news and results for the Flagstaff running community at Flagstaff Footnotes, a new project and the first of its kind, started by journalist and longtime Run SMART athlete Erin Strout.

Erin writes about how it all started:

There are so few places where Olympic athletes-in-training commingle freely with recreational weekend warriors, where the accountant in the next cubicle wins a major ultra-running race on any given Sunday, or close to 200 people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds workout together on the track every Tuesday night, often under the watchful eye of a world-renowned coach. If you’re a runner in Flagstaff, AZ, there is a group and a place for you to thrive and we should highlight and celebrate that publicly.

Erin Strout Finishes 6th At First Transrockies

We’re extremely proud to announce that in her first Transrockies experience, Run SMART client Erin Strout finished 6th overall in a total time of 11:27:51. In the RUN3 distance Erin covered 58.4 miles with 8,600 feet of elevation gain over three stages. For information about the grueling nature of the course check out the course profile here and for our rock star’s results go here.

Erin works with Run SMART coach Mike Smith. Not a bad coach to have when you’re preparing for Transrockies. Mike and teammate Rob Krar won the race back in 2009 and Mike and teammate Jason Wolfe are currently leading after Stage 4 of the overall.

Mike Smith And Teammate Leading Transrockies After Stage 2

Run SMART coach Mike Smith and teammate are leading and client Erin Strout moves up a spot after Stage 2 of the Transrockies Run. Check out the Stage 2 Report:

Vickburg-Twin Lakes Dam
13.4 miles/3200ft climbing

Here’s where our Run SMARTers stand after Stage 2:

  1. Mike Smith and teammate – 1st place, 4:12:30, ahead by 2:34
  2. Erin Strout – 6th place, 6:55:05 total
  3. Brianna Torres and teammate – 3rd place, 5:43:36, :56 behind second place

Full Results

Transrockies Stage 1

The report from Stage 1 of Transrockies is up now.

Buena Vista – Railway Bridge
20.8 Miles, 2500 feet climbing

We’re tracking three members of the Run SMART family this year. Here’s where they’re at after Stage 1:

  1. Run SMART coach Mike Smith and teammate – 1st place, 2:17:42, ahead by 3:55
  2. Run SMART client Erin Strout – 7th place, 3:49:58
  3. Run SMART videographer Brianna Torres and teammate – 2nd place, 3:04:42, 6:05 back from the lead

Full Results

Erin Strout PR’s At Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

Run SMART client Erin Strout PR’d this weekend at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run in Washington, DC. Strout ran 1:12:40 (7:16 pace) to edge out her previous PR of 1:12:58 from the same race in 2009.

Coach Mike Smith said, “Erin’s race was her first in six months. This past October she PR’d at the Chicago Marathon but then fought a nagging injury over the winter. We had been back to regular running for a few weeks but have only done two workouts, so really weren’t targeting a fast time this weekend. For her to run as fast as she did should be a huge confidence boost for her. She has great things in front of her in 2011.”


A few photos from the Run SMART Chicago Post-Marathon Party.

Looking good after 26.2 miles in the heat. Party SMART!

Chicago Marathon Heat Doesn’t Stop Run SMART PRs

The Chicago Marathon has a climate problem. Three out of the last four years the weather has been unseasonably warm but it didn’t stop all Run SMART clients from setting new personal bests. Temperatures were in the 80’s, which made it feel like a hot summer day and unfortunately, many runners weren’t able to reach their potential in such gruesome conditions. Ideally, you want temps 25-30 degrees cooler. On a positive note, Run SMART clients Erin Strout, Bettina Toner and Charlie Hartel still managed to set personal bests.

“Keep Rolling!”

Run SMART client Erin Strout was kind enough to share a message about her coach Mike Smith. Another great addition to our private coaching testimonials page. Thanks Erin!

I came to the Run S.M.A.R.T. Project two years ago as a recreational runner with a bit of a broken spirit. It was my last-ditch effort to rejuvenate a previous passion for the sport, which had been damaged by a series of disappointing experiences that we all periodically go through. I wondered if some coaching could help—I clearly had no idea how much it would.

Erin Strout Sets PR At First Boston Marathon

Run SMART client Erin Strout set a new marathon PR in her first experience at the Boston Marathon today, beating her previous best by 3 minutes. Erin’s official time was 3:27:40 (7:56 pace). She missed last year’s race due to injury and has been climbing back ever since. It looks like she’s back and getting faster already!

Erin works with Run SMART coach Mike Smith.