Introducing Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator

We are extremely excited to announce the release of the Jack Daniels’ Running Calculator. We’ve been working on this calculator for a very long time and are happy we can finally share this amazing training tool with you. Our goal was to create a mobile web application that is easy to use, has a clean/simple interface and training tools to help everyone improve their running.

Start Customizing Your Boston Marathon Training

We’ve got brand new training plans recently created by legendary coach Jack Daniels. He designed them specifically to prepare you for the rolling hills of Boston. They have never been released before and are only available through Run SMART. On these plans Jack tells you which workouts you should be doing on uphills, downhills and rolling hills to be ready for Boston’s course.

Start customizing your Boston plan today.

Preparing For The Boston Marathon Course

By Dr. Jack Daniels

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when training for the Boston Marathon. First, overall, the course is a little downhill, but with some definite uphill running along the way.

Second, as with any course, especially during the spring, weather conditions can vary a fair bit. Often there is a breeze coming at you in Boston, since you are running toward the ocean to your East, and ocean breezes often blow inland. Now and then Boston can get a pretty solid tailwind when a weather system is blowing in from the northwest.

Third, and maybe most importantly, the first five miles of the Boston course in downhill and it is easy to put in some faster-than-average mile times in those first five. It is not bad to take advantage of those early downhill miles, but it is usual for your quads to take a beating as a result of downhill running and if you are not used to it, the latter miles at Boston can be a real struggle.

The idea is to take a little advantage of the first five miles (by going a few seconds faster than you plan to average over the entire course), but to realize you will also be losing some time between miles 16 and 22 when there is a fair bit of uphill running to be done.  However, if your legs are used to some downhill running and the early downhills don’t cause a problem later on, the final 3 or 4 miles are also downhill and you can take advantage of those toward the end of the race.

Overall, on a calm and nice day, and with a nice steady effort, the Boston course can allow you to run a little more than a minute faster than a perfectly flat course will allow. The key is to do some training over undulating terrain, including some prolonged gradual downhill running so your legs are used to doing that and will not let you down over the Boston course. Hopefully, the program that we are supplying you with will prepare you for a good performance and one that is not disappointing. Remember that the weather of the day can have major effect on performance so be prepared for whatever is thrown at you. Take advantage of the advantages and minimize the disadvantages that you have to face.

Training for Boston? Customize one of Jack’s Boston Marathon Training Plans, specifically designed to help you prepare for the rolling hills.

The World’s Best Running Coach Wants To Pump You Up

Join Run SMART and Finish Line Physical Therapy the day before the New York City Marathon for a special marathon pep talk with legendary coach Jack Daniels. Jack will share his last-minute tips, motivation and then take questions from the audience. All runners in town, regardless of whether you’re racing the marathon this year, are welcome to attend and meet Jack.

A limited edition, “Running Under the Influence of Jack Daniels” tech tee (featuring pic above) will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

When: Saturday, November 3rd at 1:00 p.m.
Where: Finish Line Physical Therapy In Manhattan (119 W. 23rd Street #304, b/w 6th & 7th Ave)
Cost: Free! Light snacks will be provided.

Spots are filling up fast. REGISTER NOW!

Dr. Jack Daniels: “The Endurance Scientist”

In case you missed it in Competitor Magazine they did a profile on Jack in their Mountain West edition, Endurance Scientist – How the “World’s Best Running Coach” created a formula for running. “I approach run training from a scientific point of view,” says Jack. “However, I also use lots of information I have gained from doing research with many elite runners [by] getting to know them personally and finding what works best for different people. We are not all the same.”

There’s also a nice sidebar on our annual summer retreats with great quotes from Run SMART Retreat Director Mike Smith. “We’re located in a world-class location for running. [From] the backdrop to everything we put on is a runner’s paradise. And lastly, we just take care of everything, from great dining to showing you some of Northern Arizona’s most prized spots, [such as] the Grand Canyon and Sedona,” says Smith.

Run SMART Retreat 2012: The Week That Was

By Erin Strout

Wise words and fascinating stories from an Olympian and her coach. Long runs on a few of the most-scenic trails in the country. Expert nutrition advice for athletes. Delicious dinners. New friends…and lots of fun. And who could forget the Grand Canyon?! The first of two Run SMART retreats in Flagstaff, Ariz., included all of that and more.

Part vacation, part running camp, the Run SMART Retreat experience left attendees rejuvenated and armed with the latest-and-greatest ingredients for a successful training season ahead (including endless amounts of GU products and Saucony gear).

Monica Diez Silva Drops More Time Off 5k Best

Run SMART client Monica Diez Silva set a new PR and finished first in her age group at the Larry Kessler AIDS 5k Run in Boston, MA this past weekend. Monica was 19th overall in 20:33. [Full results] She has now dropped close to a minute off her 5k time since singing up for coaching in December.

Monica works with coach Jack Daniels.

NYC Marathon Training From Jack Daniels

Training for the New York City Marathon? Find out how fast you can go with a training plan written by legendary coach Jack Daniels, personalized just for you. Jack has written templates that can be personalized for those looking to finish their first marathon or break 3, 4 or 5 hours.

  • 18-week plan – Sign up by July 1st
  • 15-week plan – Sign up by July 22nd

Start training for your new personal best!

Marine Corps Marathon Training From Jack Daniels

Training for the Marine Corps Marathon? Find out how fast you can go with a training plan written by legendary coach Jack Daniels, personalized just for you. Jack has written templates that can be personalized for those looking to finish their first marathon right through to breaking 3 or 4 hours.

  • 18-week plan – Sign up by June 24th
  • 15-week plan – Sign up by July 15th

Start training for your new personal best!