The Amazing Benefits Of Running Easy

Most runners run too fast and it’s because they don’t understand how their body works. If you’re not doing speedwork, keep the pace conversational and your heart will thank you later.

The Danger Of Cross Training When You’re Injured

Jack makes an important point late in this video around the 1:52 mark about the dangers of cross training when you’re injured. Cross training is good to incorporate within a running routine and also as a means of conditioning or rehab if you suffer a running injury. The risk is when runners come back from that injury after cross training like crazy to avoid losing a lot of fitness. All that time you’re stressing your heart but not your legs like they would be when running. So, many athletes quickly get hurt again because they come back too fast. Basically, you’ve got to let your legs catch up again!

How Does Taking Time Off Affect My Training?

Love this quote by Jack, “rest or recovery is part of training, it’s not avoiding training.” Everyone assumes they must train more to get better but many times more recovery or rest can lead to greater benefits. There’s another side to this as well. We always have clients who try and push their limits when they’re sick or injured because they’re worried about missing training even if it’s just taking a day off or two. Most don’t realize you can take up to 10 days off in a row without losing much fitness. This basic fact could prevent many injuries amongst runners.

Too Cold For Running?

If you want to know pretty much everything there is to know about running then we know a guy. His name is Dr. Jack Daniels. Gizmodo wanted to know ‘Everything About Running In The Cold‘ so…

A lot of people think that at a certain temperature your lungs will freeze and you’ll die. Except in very extreme conditions (a cold day for the Yukon) that’s not something you need to worry about. “The pulmonary system is very very good at warming air,” said Daniels. “That doesn’t mean it’s going feel good to go running at 40 below, but it probably won’t freeze your lungs.” He cited a study, done many years ago, in which doctors measured the temperature in dogs’ lungs while they were inhaling air that was negative 40 degrees F. The air they exhaled matched the dogs’ body temperatures.

Check out the full article here. There’s plenty of great cold running tips from Jack.

Could You Survive Training Like Jim Ryun For A Week?

We do not recommend trying. Ryun, the greatest U.S. middle distance runner of all time, had a unique capacity to train like a swimmer. Most elites could not handle this type of work and that’s why it’s important we all train like individuals.

Running Under The Influence At Prosper High School

One of the great things about Jack’s book, Daniels’ Running Formula, is that it’s caught on with so many high school and college coaches across the country who use it as a guide to coach their athletes. Most runners who go through the high school and college ranks often don’t realize the influence this one man had on their careers.

Prosper High School XC and Track Coach Josh Allen just sent us this email:

Luck Of The Draw, Autobiography By Dr. Jack Daniels

The long awaited autobiography of one of the greatest and most meaningful coaches our sport will ever know is here. Luck of the Draw is a “unique glimpse into the life and persona of an Olympic medalist, world-renowned exercise scientist, and a devoted family man.”

We just got our copies in the mail yesterday. If you know Jack or have been lucky enough to be around him at some point in your life you know there’s no shortage of stories. This man has lived a thousand lives and we’re lucky he’s dedicated most of it to teaching people how to enjoy running through proper training. 

Are You Training Harder Than Necessary?

One of Jack’s guiding principles as he says here is to find out “how little can you do and still achieve what you’re trying to achieve.” This is a key part of Jack’s philosophy which puts a huge emphasis on keeping athletes healthy. If the purpose of your workout is to run easy then run at the slowest pace possible where you still get the maximum benefit for the purpose of the workout. That’s why his vdot method is such a great tool for all runners.

Prevent overtraining! Get your training paces now by entering a recent race result on Jack’s new calculator.

How Jack Changed My Life

Olympian Magdalena “Chewy” Lewy Boulet writes about her coach and mentor of 10 years after reading his autobiography, “Luck Of The Draw” available now here.

Jack has influenced, inspired and motivated me for years. The other day while in Flagstaff for my annual altitude trip we went to the gym for a hill session on the treadmill. After my workout and his easy run Jack challenged me to do a pull up using only one finger from each hand. Yep…my coach is a badass for sure! I on the other hand have a hard time doing a pull up using both hands and all ten of my fingers.

Read on about how Jack changed Magdalena’s life. Have a story about Jack? Please share. Email [email protected].