Elie Silver Drops 41 Minutes Off Marathon PB In Chicago

Jack Daniels’ Training Plan customer Elie Silver of Toronto, ON set a monster PR in Chicago this past weekend. His official time of 3:11:40 was roughly a 41-minute personal best and 20-seconds faster than his goal time when he customized his plan back in May. [Full Results]

We’re excited to help Elie continue to improve and reach his goal of sub-3:05 to qualify for Boston. We’re confident since this was only his second marathon that he can get there very soon.

Caroline Holden Runs Negative Splits In Chicago

Run SMART client Caroline Holden of Columbus, Ohio set a new marathon PR in Chicago this past weekend. Her official time was 3:23:38, six minutes faster than her previous best and almost 14 minutes faster than her lifetime best when she started working with coach Rod Koborsi.

Best part of Caroline’s race was her pacing. She started out at 8:03 pace per mile for the first 5k and finished the race averaging 7:46 pace. Her last few miles were sub-7:30’s. Look at those splits! She did a progression run in the marathon! [Full results]

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Emily Lilja Sets Second PR In Two Months

Run SMART client Emily Lilja of New York, NY set a huge marathon PR in Chicago last month and turned around one month later and improved on her half marathon as well. When Emily signed up for private coaching this past summer her marathon PR was 4:54:38. At Chicago she dropped 26 minutes off her best finishing in 4:28:34. [Full results] Last week at the Philadelphia Half Marathon Emily shaved 5 minutes off her best finishing in 2:07:55.

Emily works with Run SMART coach Ann Alyanak.

Michael Gibson Sets Two PRs Under The Influence Of Coach Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer, Michael Gibson of Glen Ellyn, IL, set a new PR at the Chicago Marathon. While following his plan Michael also managed to set a new half marathon PR as well.

After the race Michael sent us his results, “Thanks to my customized Run S.M.A.R.T. Project training plan, I set a PR at this year’s Chicago Marathon with a time of 3:33:57. This beats both my two previous marathon times of 3:57:12 (October, 2011) and 3:45:25 (February, 2012).  I also set a new Half-Marathon PR of 1:40:06 (September, 2012), beating my previous best of 1:43:03 (April, 2012).”

Michael is determined to work his way down to a Boston Marathon qualifier (3:05) and we’ve worked out a good long term game plan to help him get there. It’s going to be exciting to watch his progress.

George Oliver Cracks 3-Hours For The First Time

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer, George Oliver of Hopedale, MA, customized his plan for this year’s Chicago Marathon determined to crack the 3-hour barrier. His PR coming into the race was 3:01:58 set this past May. After running nine marathons in the past three years he’s managed to very impressively chip his way down from a 4:09 debut.

After the race George emailed us, “I am thrilled as I ran a PR by 5 mins and broke through the 3hr mark. The plan you put together worked well…particularly I felt the workouts in the plan prepped me well. Thank you so much for your support and helping me achieve a personal goal.”

George’s official time was 2:56:48. More impressive was how he paced himself. He ran almost perfectly even the entire race with a half split of 1:28:00. Full results.

Stephen Boulet Cracks 4-Hours For First Time

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Stephen Boulet of Palatine, IL set a new PR at the Chicago Marathon this past weekend. Boulet started his plan with a 4:12 marathon PR and a goal time of 4:00. His result:  3:59:04!

After the race Stephen said, “I’m very happy with the strong finish. I ran the last 4 miles at 92% of my max heart rate. I credit the threshold and repetition training with that, an element missing from my training before stumbling across Jack Daniels.”

Sean Hutchins Drops 56 Minutes Off Marathon PR

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Sean Hutchins of Atlanta, GA set a new PR at the Chicago Marathon this past weekend. Hutchins started his plan with a 4:20 marathon PR and an ambitious goal time of 3:20. With the “World’s Best Running Coach” at the helm and some nice running weather anything is possible though. Sean emailed us after the race with some incredible news…
Very happy with my results. Finished in 3:24 which is a PR of about an hour. I went out pretty slow for the first half and negative split every 5k for the second half bringing my pace down to the assigned goal pace (7:25) for most of it. I’m sure I could have hit my assigned pace sooner but past marathon experiences made me a bit gun shy.

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Is He Man Or Machine?

Last time Josh Weinrobe signed up for a Jack Daniels Training Plan he hit his goal time by the second finishing last year’s Chicago Marathon in 3:13:00 – a 15-minute PR! Convinced we were some kind of geniuses he signed up for another plan geared towards the Eugene Marathon this past April with a goal time of 3:05. We thought he could run a bit faster so we geared the schedule’s paces and workouts towards a prescribed time of 3:01. Can you guess what happened?

Important Fall Marathon Training Dates

Running a fall marathon? The absolute best thing you can do is start thinking about your preparation now. An unrushed training plan is the safest way to progress forward and stay injury free while allowing your body to adapt to your training. Make sure to follow a personalized training plan that factors in your age, goal time, time commitment, fitness and experience levels.

Below are the dates of some of the most popular fall marathons and the first day of training for each on our 15-week and 18-week training plans.