How Functional Are Your Core Strength Exercises?

By Caroline Varriale

Most runners know that having a strong core is essential to running efficiency. After all, what is connecting our legs and arms as we fly from one side to the other? Our trunk and core are perhaps the most important part of our body to strengthen and train, and running is an extremely challenging activity for the core to stabilize.

NOW Is The Best Time To Get Strong

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By Caroline Varriale

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to do what we love. The things that come most naturally to us and are rewarding are the ones that we inevitably turn to over and over again.

For those of us who enjoy running, we know it’s something we stubbornly keep coming back to—despite injury, training setbacks, terrible races and doctors telling us we shouldn’t run. There is just something about being out there—when it’s just you and earth and sky—that is clarifying and exhilarating.