Ann Alyanak On How She Coaches First-Time Marathon Runners

Another Run SMART coach comes out against the “magic 20 and 22 milers” for beginner marathoners. We all know Jack is very adamant about his 2:30 hour cap on long runs for beginners and we pretty much rest our case there but in an interview with Run SMART Media, Ann Alyanak says “20 and 22 mile long runs are not necessary” for a first-time marathon runner looking to finish the race.

RS:  When you get a client who wants to run a marathon but has never run a race before what do you tell them?

ANN:  I would not discourage a client from running a marathon even if they have not raced before but I would encourage them to run some shorter races first like a 5k and 10k and maybe even a half marathon. I would want them just to experience a race environment before jumping right into a marathon.

Run SMART Beginner Running Tips

For anyone beginning a running routine or looking to make running a more serious part of their workout regimen, Run SMART coaches have broken down training tips into three important categories:  How to Pace Yourself, Injury Prevention and How to Stay Motivated.

  • How To Pace Yourself: Never start a run at a pace you cannot maintain throughout. Many runners start too quickly, whether it’s a training run or a race and slow dramatically over the course of the run. This is the harder and more painful way to train, plus you’re not getting as much out of the workout. Allow your body to ease into a run…some days might be slower than others…then gradually pick up the pace once you feel warmed-up.

Mike Smith’s Three Most Important Tips for Beginner Runners

My Three Most Important Tips for Beginner Runners

By Mike Smith

One of the greatest joys I get as a coach is assisting someone to get off the ground for the first time. While the action of running is a simple activity, starting a running program isn’t as easy as it looks. One of the very reasons I started coaching was to help people go about this activity in a way that sets them up for success. Here are my three biggest tips for beginner runners: