Run SMART Kids Kicks Off At Fourth School In NYC

Yesterday, Run SMART Kids kicked off at PS 77, Lower Lab School – our fourth school in New York City! We’re working with 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students there.

One of the best parts of the first day was how confident the kids were about how many gym laps they could run without stopping. Some said up to forty which was pretty cool. But a few learned quickly they’ll have to pace themselves a little better if they want to reach their goal by the end of the program.

Preparing For A Race

One more session left in the first ever Run SMART Kids program at The Anderson School in New York City. This week we focused on “how to prepare for a race” to help the kids get ready for their mile fun run next week in Riverside Park. The handout for the day was broken down into three sections:  Before the Race, Day of Race and After the Race.

Our goal throughout the program was to teach the kids the basics about proper pacing, running form, stretching, nutrition, etc. but we also wanted to provide the full experience of what it’s like to train towards a goal and finish a race. They’ve worked hard logging their schoolyard laps each week so now it’s time for all that work to pay off! We’ll be handing out shirts and bib numbers at the fun run next week.

Run SMART Kids Update #3

We just finished week #8 at The Anderson School on the Upper West Side. We’ve had a busy program thus far.

In week #4 we focused on proper running form, which included a bean bag relay at the end of the session. In Week #5 we focused on heart rate education showing the kids how to count their heart rate and measure it after different types of running efforts. In week #6 we did some classroom work on proper nutrition for runners. In week #7 we focused on our universal theme – proper pacing.

Run SMART Kids Warming Up

Run SMART kids warming up before their weekly lap run. Yesterday they did nine schoolyard laps and we’re proud to say they all finished without stopping! The goal is to get up to 16 laps without stopping by the end of the program. It’s taking time but all the points we’ve been stressing about proper pace are really starting to sink in. We quietly recorded their times for the nine laps and next week they’ll do a prediction contest to see who can pace themselves closest to their predicted time.

Run SMART Kids Officially Launches At The Anderson School

Run SMART Kids kicked off at The Anderson School on the Upper West Side this week. Run SMART founder, Brian Rosetti and avid runner and Running Shorts contributor, Geoff Decker, will be coaching the kids throughout the 12 week program. The first day was a huge success. The kids got track bags courtesy of New York Running Co. and Run SMART folders which included a goals sheet and running log so they could track their schoolyard laps throughout the week. Some of the goals included

Learning How To Pace

My first Run SMART Kids update…

Today at the Dwight School we started off with a quick warm-up and stretch in Central Park. The topic of the day was “learning how to pace yourself.” When working with youth runners you find out quickly they like to start runs very fast. Many get stuck in a sprint, stop, walk, sprint pattern and never realize their full potential or reap any of the benefits of the exercise.

After-school Running Programs

Photo Kate Gardiner/Tim Taliaferro '09

Recently, Run SMART got involved with The Dwight School in NYC to help with their after-school running program for 5th and 6th graders. The program is a great introduction to the sport and each day we focus on a different area whether it’s nutrition, pacing, proper running form, or proper stretching, etc. Regardless of whether the kids want to take this knowledge and compete on the junior high team when they’re older, it’s so important to keep them active at this age. Not only does running do this well it helps to develop long-term healthy habits, discipline and achievement.