Peter Kosgei Wins St. Patrick’s 4M

Peter Kosgei started following his Jack Daniels Training Plan about a month and a half ago in a courageous attempt to make a comeback to competitive running suffering serious injuries in a brutal mugging attack.

We’re happy to announce that his amazing comeback is well underway! Last week, Peter won the Binghamton, NY St. Patrick’s Day 4-Miler in 20:10 (5:03 per mile). Full Results.

Tim Hodges Sets New 4-Mile PR

Tim Hodges dropped his marathon time by 26 minutes following his first Jack Daniels Training Plan last year. Since purchasing his second plan he has now set a new 4-mile PR. Tim was kind enough to share his results with us…

Just wanted to share with you that I have a new PR in the 4 mile distance. Overall time was 25:05 and I finished in the top 50 of the St. Patricks Day Run in Kansas City.  My time in the 4 mile improved by 22 seconds from last year.   The training has paid off thanks to your Run SMART program!