Train Like a Pro: Malindi Elmore Releases Her 1500/Mile Workouts


Olympic 1500m runner Malindi Elmore has teamed up with legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels and The Run SMART Project to offer her 1500m/1-Mile training plan to the public. Until this point Malindi has only been available as a private coach through Run SMART. This past spring she helped a private client go from 4:33 down to 4:13 in just one year! Now, in a matter of minutes runners of all levels can customize her 12-week training plan and gain access to her favorite workouts.

Hayley Long Wins Gold At Alabama State Games

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Hayley Long is finishing up her third training plan. While following her latest 10k plan from Jack she decided to jump in the 1500 at the Alabama State Games. Why not? She won the Gold Medal and is now 7th in the country in the W40 division!

On a day where temps reached 107 degrees on the track Hayley ran 5:45 in her FIRST 1500M run ever! [Rankings] So…add in an actual 1500M training plan next time, a little more experience and more reasonable race-day temps, and what do you think Hayley could run? We hope to find out soon enough.

Malindi Elmore Wins 1500M At Canadian Olympic Trials

Photograph by: Todd Korol, Reuters

Congratulations to Run SMART coach Malindi Elmore for winning the Canadian Olympic Trials in the 1500m! Malindi won the race in 4:13.58. [Full results] This was her second Olympic Trials title (2004 and 2012).

Unfortunately, Malindi will not compete in her second Olympic Games because she only reached the Olympic B standard this summer. She needed one A and one B standard along with finishing in the top three at the Trials.

Congrats on a great season, Malindi! We’re biased but we think the winner of the Olympic Trials should represent their country at the Olympics. Canada will not be bringing their “A” Team to London.