Warming Up With Malindi Elmore

We asked Run SMART coach Malindi Elmore a few questions about warming up properly and how to approach a 5k or 10k race. Learn how an Olympian does it and what she recommends for runners of all levels.

What’s does your typical warm-up routine consist of for an easy run, quality session and race and why?

My warm-up routine certainly varies according to my workout objective.  Something of high intensity – a race or quality workout – takes me between 45-60 minutes to warm up for!  I usually start with 15-20 minutes of easy running and then do 3-6 minutes or so of “steady state” running so I actually start to “prime the pump” before the hard work begins.  I will either do a short fartlek (2 x 3 minutes) or short tempo run (5 minutes) where I gradually build my pace to about marathon pace. This helps to warm things up and get my body more ready for the hard work ahead – a sort of bridge between the easy jogging and fast running.  Next, I will do a series of drills and dynamic movement drills which help with form, recruitment, stretching, etc. Finally, I will do some “strides” which progress from longer and slower to faster and shorter the closer I am to the beginning of my race or workout.

Rob DeLong Sets New 10K PR

Run SMART client Rob DeLong set his second PR in just a week at The Race At Roosevelt Island 10k. His official time was 51:47, almost seven minutes faster than his previous best when he signed up for private coaching two months ago. Full results at NYCRUNS.

Big congrats to Rob and his coach Brian Rosetti.

Rob DeLong Improving Quickly

When Rob DeLong signed up for private coaching six weeks ago his short term goal was to finish his first half marathon in 2:05. As a newbie runner the longest Rob had ever run in one run before getting started with Run SMART was 15k or 9.3 miles. We’re happy to report that Rob smashed his goal time by almost 10 minutes at the NYRR’s NYC Half Marathon last weekend.

His official time was 1:56:59 (8:56 per mile). Full Results. Rob’s Run SMART coach Brian Rosetti noted afterwards, “The game plan was to run conservative early and break the race up into three parts slowly getting faster as the race went on. He really nailed the pacing and now he’s feeling great and ready to focus on getting faster.” Rob’s 10k split was 56:44 (9:07 per mile) so he came home a lot faster over the second half of the race! And we should note that in his last 10k earlier this year he ran 58:05, so even while going out conservatively he still managed to set a new 10k PR during the race!

Dalit Medina Wins Age Group At Coyote Hill 10k

In her first race since joining The Run SMART Project Dalit Medina finished first in the 40-44 age group and 12th female overall at the Coyote Hill XC 10k. Her official time was 48:58 (7:46 per mile). Full results.

Dalit works with Run SMART coach Dr. Jack Daniels.

Ilea Eskilden Cracks Top 10 At Crescent City Classic

Run SMART client Ilea Eskilden ran 37:51 at the Crescent City 10k in New Orleans this past weekend. She was 10th female overall in a very competitive field with over 17,000 runners.

When Ilea signed up for coaching and began working with Dr. Jack Daniels almost two years ago her 10k PR was 40:33. We’re excited to see how fast she can go.

Ilea Eskildsen Sets 10k and Half Marathon PR In Same Race

Setting a new personal best is always nice but setting personal bests for two distances in the same race is special. This past weekend at the Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon Run SMART client Ilea Eskildsen managed to set a new 10k PR during her half marathon. When she signed up for private coaching with Dr. Jack Daniels her 10k PR was 40:33. In Sunday’s race she came through 10k in 36:53, almost four minutes faster than she used to run for 10k alone! This set her up for a very impressive new half marathon PR of 1:21:04 (full results). Her previous half marathon PR was 1:23:53 set this past June.

Brian Schmidt Takes Home Masters Title

At the 22nd Annual Chile Pepper Cross Country Festival in Fayetteville, AK, Run SMART client Brian Schmidt won the open 10k masters division in a time of 35:23 (5:42 per mile, full results). His coach, Blake Boldon, who got his first chance to coach in person with Brian since he signed up in May, 2009, added that it was a jet-lagged 35:23 considering Brian was only in the country for about 12 hours before the race after a long trip in Singapore.

Looking back on Brian’s results since joining The Run SMART Project, I believe this is his third victory!

Everett Hill Sets 10th PR With Run SMART

Run SMART client Everett Hill set his 10th PR since joining The Run SMART Project. His new PR, 50:34, was set this past weekend. Everett’s previous 10k best, 50:51, was two years old. At age 50 he’s still getting faster! His coach, Vince Sherry, noted that it was the “best paced race Everett has ever run.” Interesting, considering their game plan heading into the race was about focusing more on competition versus pace.