“Two More PR’s Under Your Coaching Belt Now!”

Doug Whipple of Lumberville, PA customized one of Jack’s 12-week 10k training plans this past summer for the Runner’s World 10k. This past weekend he got faster and was kind enough to share his results…
“First of all, a huge thank you for your sophisticated training program, the cool website and my e-coach’s additional support. You have two more PR’s under your coaching belt now!”


Run the Goose 7K: 32:45, 1st M45-49 (the actual age group was M40-49 and I wasn’t top 3 in it)
Runner’s World 10K: 45:00, 6th M45-49 [Results]

Become A Faster Runner With Olympian Janet Cherobon-Bawcom


NEW YORK (October 2nd, 2014) — Professional distance runner Janet Cherobon-Bawcom has teamed up with legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels and The Run SMART Project to offer her 10k and half marathon training plans to the public. Bawcom, U.S. 10k Olympian and 15k Champ, has unveiled some of her training secrets to help other runners get faster.

Runners of all levels can now do similar workouts as Bawcom, including hills, fartleks, intervals, etc. but at the appropriate paces thanks to Dr. Jack Daniels and his famous VDOT formulas.

“These plans were adapted from the training I used to lower my 10k time from 34:19 to 32:30 and in preparation for my first 1:10 in the half-marathon,” says Cherobon-Bawcom. I hope you’ll find the same sort of benefit no matter what your goals are!”

Running Under Influence In Tel Aviv

Jack Daniels’ Training Plan Customer Jens Kutscher dropped about 40 seconds off his personal best at the Nike Night Run 10k in Tel Aviv last week. He finished in 41:08.

Congrats, Jens! We’re looking forward getting him closer to 40:00 as he prepares for his next goal 10k this summer.

Jacek Mrukowicz Sets Second PR In Two Weeks

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Jacek Mrukowicz set PRs in back to back weeks while following his marathon training plan. Last week he ran 40:41 in the Maniack 10k, almost two minutes faster than his previous best. This past weekend he ran the Warsaw Half Marathon 1:28:20, almost four minutes faster than his previous best and just ahead of what his plan had him scheduled to finish in.

With less than five weeks to go he’s well on pace to set a huge PR at the Cracovia Marathon. Good luck, Jacek!

Bill Clugston Drops Over 12 Minutes Off 10k Time

Run SMART client Bill Clugston of Auburn, WA set a new PR at the Dawg Dash 10k. The 57-year-old’s last 10k time since 1980 was last spring when he finished in 1:19:52. We’re excited to announce that he shaved over 12 minutes off his recent best finishing in 1:07:39. [Results] Bill and his Run SMART coach Heidi Peoples are working towards getting back to a sub-60 minute 10k.

Don Strout Sets 8th PR With Run SMART

When Run SMART client Don Strout signed up for private coaching his personal best for 10k was 54:54. This past weekend he lowered it once again to 46:36 at the Tour de Fleurs 10k in Dallas. This was Don’s 8th PR since he started working with Run SMART coach Vince Sherry last summer. To put Don’s progress into perspective he’s gone from around 4:19-4:20 marathon fitness to a potential of 3:32 in about a year.

“No Injuries or Cramping!”

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Michael Hofstetter just sent us results from his 10k goal race. Hostetter broke 1 hour for the first time.

YES! Finally broke 1 hour! Thanks to your plan, was able to complete 10K in 56:37!!!   I’ve been running this same 10K for the last 4 years now, and starting at 1:09, then always finishing close to 1 hour, FINALLY broke the 1 hour, truly, thanks to your plan. Following the race I then golfed 9 holes, felt really strong, and NO INJURIES or CRAMPING!  It’s a hilly course, which is part of the challenge, and the heat was pretty bad, two things, (Hills and Heat), I mentally struggle with, probably if it were 5 degrees cooler or no sun, probably would have finished around 55Min, regardless, very happy with my results, and look forward to a 50Min finish next year!

Thanks again for your plan it has worked great for me, although challenging, I’ve been able to get to almost all of the daily workouts, (except 2 so far since I started), I feel stronger, and I’m not trying to power through stress injuries, your PLANS WORK!

Peter Kosgei Sets New 10K PR

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Peter Kosgei (pictured above with race winner and record holder Geoffrey Mutai) set his third PR since signing up for a training plan at the BAA 10k this past weekend. Peter finished 17th overall in 30:51. He negative split the race coming through 5k in 15:35! [Full results]

Sarah Claire Ahlers Sets Two PRs In One Race

Jack Daniels Training Plan customer Sarah Claire Ahlers set two PRs in the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon. Sarah finished in 1:52:18, a five minute improvement from her time last year. [Full results] Not only did she run her fastest half marathon ever, her split at 10k (52:32) was faster than she’s ever run in a 10k race!

After the race Sarah said, “The plan was great. I loved the speedwork. Thank you! I’ll be signing up for another plan for 5k/10k’s this summer.”