Run SMART Really Rocks P.F. Chang’s

Run SMART Rocks P.F. Chang’s Part I featured Vince Sherry’s clients. Part II focuses on Mike Smith and the success of his clients…

John Robinson of Savannah, GA competed in the full marathon at PF Chang’s Rock n Roll Marathon and set a 38 minute PR, running 3:33:09. Robinson’s half marathon split of 1:38 en route was also a half marathon PR! Robinson has been working with Run SMART coach Mike Smith for nine months and set PRs in the 10k, half marathon, and marathon in that time.

Run SMART Rocks P.F. Chang’s

Run SMART Coach Vince Sherry and clients had a big day at the P.F. Chang’s Rock & Roll Marathon and Half Marathon in Phoenix this past weekend.

In the marathon Chris Budwig dropped a 5 minute PR finishing in 2:56:25 and Michelle LaSala improved her marathon time by over 10 minutes finishing in 3:15:36! In the half marathon Jamesina Simpson ran an impressive 1:29:11, which was a 4 and a half minute improvement from the same race last year!

Chris Budwig Rock 'n RollMichelle Rock 'n roll

Pre-Exercise Nutrition Tips

The latest question in our Ask a Coach series comes from Håkon from “cold Norway.”

Question:  My problem is that my stomach hurt during training. And that happends quite often. I was wondering if you, as specialist, could give me some tips about “yes”-food and “no”-food before long runs? And maybe some guidance in eating habits?

Run SMART Coach, Alicia Shay:

The most important rule is to eat foods that are familiar to you and to practice your meal timing to figure out what works best for you as an individual.  That being said, there are some guidelines that seem to work for most runners…

How to Prevent Stress Fractures

Came across an interesting article I’d like to share from the NY Times, titled: How to prevent stress fractures.

A recent study showed a correlation between smaller or weaker calf muscles and greater risk of acquiring a tibia stress fracture, one of the most common forms of stress fractures. The article talks about even a minor increase in calf muscle mass or strength can go a long way to help prevent tibia stress fractures, especially in women runners.

The other half of the article focused on a separate study which showed that shorter stride lengths, or a higher running cadence helped minimize the risk of tibia stress fractures.

Brian Schmidt Wins Run For The Ranch Half Marathon

Run SMART client Brian Schmidt picked up a huge win at the Run for the Ranch Half Marathon in final preparation for the P.F. Chang’s Marathon on January 18. Schmidt finished almost a full four minutes head of the next finisher. His official time was 1:17:36 (5:55 pace) – full results. This victory should supply Brian with plenty of confidence going into P.F. Chang’s later this month.

Brian is coached by Blake Boldon.

Running With Hypoglycemia

Ancient_Harvest_Quinoa_FlakesOver the last several years I’ve suffered from hypoglycemic symptoms which have devastated my running but after closely monitoring my diet and staying consistent for a few months I’ve finally begun to get some relief. Today, I hit 8 miles – longest run in a while without crashing!

While dealing with this issue I’ve created some weird recipes through consultation with experts, researching my problem and monitoring what foods seem to help me stay stable throughout the day. Today, I’d like to share my secret breakfast concoction with any runner who deals with hypoglycemia.

Why is it so hard to get back to my regular running schedule?

Latest question in our Ask a Coach Series comes from a Run SMART client who is working to get back into the groove after a long period of training leading up to a marathon this past month.

Question: Why is it so hard to get back to my regular running schedule?

Run SMART Coach, Blake Boldon: I think it’s natural for you to feel that way right now.  You’ve had a huge block of training and you did a great job of staying dedicated to the daily runs.  That takes a physical toll and certainly depletes your mental energy.  Even the best runners in the world periodize their training to allow for “down time.”  A break from your training regimen allows your body to regenerate tissue and accommodate the accumulated fatigue from a big period of training and racing.  It also provides some time for you to live as a “normal” person who isn’t a slave to your training plan and the work required to reach your goals.

Jen Johnston Sets Two Marathon PR’s In 8 Weeks!

Run SMART client Jen Johnston set two marathon PR’s in a matter of eight weeks and it’s safe to say she has a lot left in the tank. Jen entered the year with a 4:23 PR, then at the Chicago Marathon she knocked off a mere 15 minutes running almost perfectly even splits – 2:03:27 at the half and 4:08:25 to finish (full results). Then, just eight weeks later Johnston tried to go after the 4-hour mark at the California International Marathon, where she dropped six more minutes off her PR finishing in 4:02:31 (full results).  It’s safe to say she had sub-4 in her too considering starting temps were sub-30 degrees with a head wind of 15 mph.

Jen seen flying to a new PR in Chicago

Jen seen flying to a new PR in Chicago

Big congrats to Jen and her coach Blake Boldon!

Holiday Gift For Runners

imagesWith the holidays approaching please keep us in mind as a gift idea for friends and family members who need extra motivation to get in shape or who might be training for a particular road race or marathon next year. Either get them started by purchasing one month of private coaching ($120.00) or purchase our 3-month holiday gift package for $325.00 (discounted at 25% off our normal rate). This offer ends January 1st, 2010, so help a loved one get off on the right foot with their New Year’s resolution!

Run S.M.A.R.T. coaching includes:

Mike Smith Interviewed By Runner’s World

Check out Run SMART coach Mike Smith’s interview on


Michael Smith’s debut in trail racing has landed him some big wins already, and we predict we’ll be seeing a lot more of Smith on the top of the podium.

We first noticed 29-year-old Michael Smith from Flagstaff, Ariz., as he and his partner Robert Krar obliterated the competition at this summer’s multi-day TransRockies Run, which was no easy feat. He then got our attention when he won the high-altitude Soulstice Mountain Trail Run. And we just couldn’t ignore him when he won the three-day TrailRun WorldMasters race in Germany in November. So we had to ask: